listy little posting…

What do bored and burned out brilliant bloggers do when they have zero inspiration but still want to make their presence known? Yup, trusty list post to the rescue! =) However, WHAT type of list post exactly? Therein lies the rub; so one thinks and drinks coffee and nibbles carrot coins and chips, and drinks a bit more of the ever present bean juice until  coherent thought gels…

Without further ado, and apologies in advance for this paragon of brilliant writing you are about to devour… =)

MY CURRENT FAVORITES (subject to change without notice, lol)

SONG… Rainy Night in Georgia by Chris Young

BOOK… Among the Islands by Tim Flannery

FOOD… fresh Vietnamese spring rolls with added mango… YUM!

COFFEE… Peet’s Brazil Minas Naturais… holy gods, drink this NOW!

MOVIE… Love and Mercy, about Brian Wilson, amazing!

COLOR… Cerulean, this one never changes, but love champagne and sand dollar and lemon drop to varying degrees.

CANDLE… Yankee Candle Beach Walk, smells just like summer

SNACK… popcorn, but not just for snack, also treat and dessert and breakfast lol

LIP BALM… Fresh Wild Cherry Cause Lip Balm, great taste and texture, and each tube purchases plants 1,000 wildflowers in an attempt to grow bee populations! YIPEE!

ACTOR… Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal… beautiful, big-hearted, always dressed to the nines, and a life in bigger shambles than mine on my worst days. =) ** and yes, I am aware that I listed a female under a male category, but to debate such things is unimportant here =)**

PARFUM… Commodity’s Rain… breath of perfectly fresh and sexy air, too dear to buy in other than travel-sized spray. Seriously, the most beautiful scent on earth, and one that makes Paul swoon when I rub it behind my knees!

And, that’s about all I have for today. I am writing this while crunching more carrot coins, ever-present coffee perched on my art history text (lol), and the new season of Scandal playing, just released today, hence no schoolwork being accomplished. =) Gods, I love being an adult some day! Have a lovely, peeps! =)

hiya peeps…

Wow, has it really been just a week since we moved into our bitty house in the big woods ? I have so much to catch you up on, I don’t even know where to begin. Oh, wait a sec, yes I do, she says with a wild grin…

Let’s just say that I did a Very Bad Thing recently. Yes, Very Bad Thing with capital letters. The kind of thing that Winnie The Pooh would dither on about, day after day, in the Hundred-Acre Wood… I did it again, and again. Many days worth of Very. Bad. Things… and I plan to continue down this path of ruin until I am bored or broke from late night dashes to the drug store for protection.

The Boy was so under my skin, I could barely stand it. I tried going out with other men, for coffee, dinner and drinks… but whenever they start to talk, it is his voice I hear, and I grin as he were right there in front of me, that special grin for people you have been wildly intimate with, and that just confuses the poor guy I am out with. And then there was the whole sexting fiasco, when I was juggling two conversations; with him and my friend without benefits and got my responses crossed… but this was not intentional, I was just distracted by driving… but I digress.

I know what I want out of this “friendship” we have, and also the direction he is headed… mutually exclusive ideas, we are not exactly on the same wavelength about our future. While I am all for more than a weekly playdate, (like a thrice-weekly playdate!) there is no way in hell I am spending any more of my life than necessary here in CT, surrounded by apathy and dreaming of warm beaches. Leave it to me to pick a player who is trying to mend his wicked ways…

We have only known each other for 5 months, but we get along like honey and bees. So I am just about enjoying myself until a more suitable arrangement presents itself. He let me borrow his motorcycle again today and had a pair of jeans in my size rolled up in the helmet ! =) I may not be able to see him during daylight hours due to his schedule, but my vampire in shining tool belt is a LOT of fun, in the “for now” category.

Speaking of fun that can’t last, I met an awesome guy at the airport last month, Al. I am really enjoying our talks and he is such an interesting guy, ridiculously smart, and we have a lot in common; even daughters with freakily similar names, Annabel and Isobel. The rub is that they live in Vancouver, BC… of frackin’ COURSE they do ! He has been murmuring about a short break in the Caribbean at some point, and I never discourage him, so there you have it.

What have you all been up to in my absence ? I better go now, sleep while I can. Life is getting more interesting by the minute around here… have a lovely ! =)

a la daily prompt…

My foxing and I took a long walk in the rain last night. Surrounded by inky darkness, the street lamps threw orbs of yellow back and forth across our path like a breadcrumb-trail of beacons. The air was warm enough to generate fog, which sat high in the treetops; a canopy to keep us safe and sound. Muted by the weather, our voices echoed across the yards and cars, bouncing off snowbanks and our polka-dot umbrellas. It felt as if we were the only creatures on earth, so deep was the quiet. The squish of our sneakers padding thru puddles threw water up onto our calves, drenching our jeans, which created a bubble of laughter from my foxing. I am in love with the fact that she still wants to spend these moments with me. =)

This morning, the rain continues, and I am beyond happy that we are not getting more snow today. My joy is short lived, however, as the forecast is predicting flurries again this weekend. I cannot impress upon you my absolute NEED for spring to make her appearance… sooner would be better than later, Mother Nature. Just sayin’…

I have been browsing the Daily Prompts, and loved the most recent post from LDG, about fashion. The question was

“What fashion do I like, or think is stylish?”

Clothes shopping rates up there with dental work in my opinion. I used to find a few very nicely cut shirts or shorts, then buy them in shades of blue, black, tan and white so I could throw on anything at a moments notice and still look good. Of course, when you are young and super skinny with full hips, anything makes you look good. =) I never had much passion for fashion, preferred to spend my money traveling and adventuring. As I get older, and am beginning to lose more weight, I have been thinking of what I would like to buy to complement my body type. I am tired of looking  my age, and would prefer to look appealing and pretty, without much fuss. While I would never copy her, I have found someone whose style I just adore.

Robin Wright is just so elegant, in an understated way… she reminds me of Audrey Hepburn. Of course, no one is Audrey, but Robin has a way of dressing simply with an effortless grace that accentuates her fantastic, classic beauty. She has aged slowly, and while looking fabulous, she still looks mature… no Botox for her. =) Check out her character in HOUSE OF CARDS… the way she dresses is just unbelievable. Powerful, sleek lines, menswear-inspired shirts and pants. Smooth, clean, super sexy, very feminine … =) Her super-short haircut complements her wardrobe perfectly, and is dyed a multi-faceted blonde, which lightens your complexion and looks youthful. She is one of those women who is so beautiful, she could not look bad in anything. But her fashion choices accentuate her strengths and she looks perfect, at all times. She really captures classic, timeless beauty as a woman of a certain age. We should all be so lucky. =)

The other prompt question from around the web that caught my eye was

“What is in your fridge right now ?”

Since Saturdays are my time at the grocers, I do not have much in there at the moment. A half-dozen organic, cage-free eggs with Omega-3’s… A clamshell of fresh, organic spinach and one of baby lettuce… half a large container of Fage yogurt, one apple, an onion, a tomato, an eggplant, some mushrooms and two carrots. 1/2 gallon milk, a quart of half and half and a couple of pickles. Finally, some hot Abruzzese sausage and cheese for my foxing and The Professor to enjoy tonight with a baguette.

And that’s all she wrote, folks. Have a lovely weekend, will be back soon… =)

120 dollars…

image image

I went shopping today in the wee, dreary hours of the morning. It was still raining, and looked more like dusk then dawn. The roads were almost empty, no school busses clogging up our winding roads. Listening to a favorite cd, I stopped first at the bank then proceeded to the two stores I frequent. All in all, I dropped $120… how far does that get you in your part of the world ? As you can see, about half of what I bought was organic, or at least natural. Two large containers of soap, toothpaste, weight watchers frozen meals and ravioli were things not on sale, but we needed them. The greek yogurt popsicles are a favorite of my foxling’s, and she likes to eat one with breakfast. Being only 80 calories and 6 grams of protein, I let her eat one every day.

I usually purchase many sale items, but this week there were not many choices to be had. Carrots were ridiculous, 2$ for a pound of organic, but I will not buy any other kind for her, as she eats them raw every day. The Whole Foods half an hour away is cheaper than that, but I am not going to waste gas for a pound of carrots. I made up for it with a GREAT price on the chicken breast and eggs. Half & Half is not a necessity in some households, but I have given myself permission to spend the $3 a week to have a great cup of coffee once a day. I also got three pounds of frozen organic veggies; broccoli, spinach, and green beans. The tubs of organic lettuces were on sale, so I stocked up. We will be eating lots of salads with dinner this week. The zucchini is local and from a farm that utilizes pesticides only when necessary, so it is better than many choices. She cannot eat bell peppers, so I buy conventional for myself. While I wold love to get only local, organic food, right now that is not an option, and I do not lose sleep over things I cannot change. =)

The splurge this week went to sliced deli-meat. I buy it infrequently, but will get her some natural turkey or beef when the price is not terrible. For just the two of us, a few slices does quite nicely. All in all, I think I did very well, for this area of the country.  What are you eating this week in your neck of the woods ?

the past week in photos…

A few snapshots of what we have been up to this past week, as well as what my foxling has helped me cook. This school week has been AMAZING; we got more done in two days than you would imagine. On Monday, we were at lessons until 5pm, and happily so ! We have been working thru her Forensics curriculum, and fingerprinted each other yesterday. Messy fun, it was. The weather has finally committed to the season, and we have had explosions of color and leaves to gaze at… which inspired the first pie of the season, pumpkin, of course !

DSCN1857 DSCN1855 DSCN1840 DSCN1833

For food, we have been keeping it simple; rice blends, eggs, tuna, salad, ginger broth, and a beautiful sausage and kale soup, YUM !

DSCN1845 DSCN1849 DSCN1838 DSCN1826

And who can resist a box of halloween candy from California’s own See’s Candies ?! Not my foxling, that’s for sure !

We spent some rare family time together on Saturday, hiking thru the woods near UConn… it was a slightly chilly morning, and perfect for a bit of exercise. The Historian was radiantly happy, examining the wooly bears, milkweed pods, streams and assorted wildlife we happened to glimpse.

My foxling and I are spending 10 days at my parent’s home in November for an unexpected break !  We are busy planning, readying our supplies and getting as much school work accomplished as possible before we go. She still loves her online latin class, but I will admit… it is a royal pain in my ass. I can teach her more quickly and with better results that her current professor, and I find it to be a real time-suck in the middle of our week. She is enjoying the discussions and the kids, but admits we do more on our own. Whichever umbrella school we chose for next year, I will be back to teaching her latin, and we are both happy with the plan.

I hope you all had a fantastic week, and that you are finding time to enjoy the season in your neck of the woods… =)

weekend wrap-up…

DSCN1642 DSCN1649 DSCN1648 DSCN1641 DSCN1636

Weekend edition… =) This has been a LONG week, and I am glad I was able to capture a bit of the fun with the trusty camera. The Professor was cleaning the bathtub drain a few days ago and cut his thumb… we spent the better part of Friday at the VA ER where he got tetanus booster and 2 other shots. We did not make it home until almost 10 pm and he got to sleep in a bit on Saturday, after which he relaxed with the rare treat of video gaming. Here are several screen shots, my foxling was mesmerized, and I was in awe of how far we have come from Frogger and Space Invaders.

DSCN1633 DSCN1632

Our resident baby birds had quite the growth spurt, and upon hearing new, excited peeps coming from their bush, The Historian and I investigated, and found two had flown the coop and this little darling was sitting on a branch outside his nest, chirping up a storm. As you can see from the smattering of reddish-gold, he is proudly displaying the fact that he is indeed a robin.  A day after we snapped these photos, he flew away, and we have not seen any of them since. The weather is beginning to act like autumn is on its way, so we think they must be hard at work, scouring the neighboring trees for a suitable winter home.

DSCN1653 DSCN1652 DSCN1651

Today, I made a special treat for my lovies, with the last of the summer squash and zucchini. Putting forth minimal effort, I mixed some organic corn and onion with the squashes and some whole wheat flour and a sprinkle of various herbs and spices. I cooked them like pancakes in a touch of coconut oil, and we feasted on the late summer bounty, along with salads and grapes. As the nights cool, I am beginning to add nourishing soups and hot dinners to our menu. I love the changing seasons, and feeding my family with foods we can get locally and in season is one way of embracing what is coming next. =) Here’s to new beginnings, and time with those you love.



thinking and enjoying…

This post was written 4 days ago… =)

DSCN1403 DSCN1404 DSCN1410

As I was hole-punching 200 sheets of graph paper, with another 800 downstairs, the thought occurred  to me that the paper I usually buy with the holes already inserted and reinforced is only $1.89 more expensive. My time is worth that $1.89. I am a mother who has high expectations of herself, and my loved ones. While I do not work outside the home, I am a full-time teacher, care-giver, cook and the general help. I spend hours a week, preparing lesson plans, researching colleges and creating a solid, college prep foundation for my foxling. There are so many things I absolutely HAVE to do during the days… I am at the point where I will gladly spend a few dollars to have more free time with The Historian. =) The reality is that our time with our children is so finite, so fleeting ! At most, I have another 5-6 years with our daughter at home. That is not enough time for all the wonderful things I have planned for her, not to mention the day-to-day bits if happiness and closeness that can be found. So I am going to buy graph paper already punched, and will spend the time I save with my girl, watching Grey’s and laughing about relationships. =)

After our long spell of ridiculously hot weather, I can see a break ahead. The next few days will only be in the mid 80’s, which is a fair cry from 98 ! I like to be warm as much as the next mumma, but it has been SO hot and humid, I feel like we are melting. I loved this weather in south Texas, but cannot bear it up here in New England. Too muggy, death by sweat. Yuck. Back to topic, we are planning our outing for the next few days, and I do not know what we should do. I have a long list of fun places and things we can explore and since it will be noticeably cooler, one of these activities would work. But, if I am honest with myself, all I really want to do is head down to our fav beach, now 70 minutes away, and spend the morning swimming and walking my ever-increasing ass off. =) Nothing better than a warm summer day with cool water and an early morning picnic with the ones you love. We have spent a large part of this summer exploring with The Historian, but a day of relative peace with the breeze in my hair sounds too good to pass up. Stay tuned…

The Historian and I have been cooking some fabulous meals this week, none of which we thought to photograph. It has been nice to have her in the kitchen, talking and chopping, helping choose spices and stirring carefully. We are planning on making Chop Suey tonight, and tomorrow, The Professor will grill turkey burgers. Easy dinners, and quick clean-up. That is my mantra for this season, less is more. Especially where dirty dishes are concerned.

what’s cooking in the den…

DSCN1259 DSCN1261 DSCN1262 DSCN1263 DSCN1268 DSCN1269 DSCN1270 DSCN1272 DSCN1266

Ooh, it is good to be back home, and have some semblance of a routine again. We have spent the last few days picking up much needed veggies from the market, doing some math lessons and reading on the patio. No swimming for us this week, temps are only in the 70’s. Lots of walks and games to keep us busy, however. The Professor has been grilling up a storm, and we have thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of his labor. =)  We made some delicious purple potatoes in foil with onion, garlic and spices. Happily found the first organic raspberries of the season ! Chicken is a staple, and for a treat we made a few crab cakes on the grill, as well. The jalapeño peppers were stuffed with herbed goat cheese… SPICY ! Summer squash was simple to prepare, a light tossing with olive oil and pepper and into the grill basket they were unceremoniously dumped. For those of us with a semi-sweet tooth, The Professor grabbed a lemoncello mascarpone torte, very light and way too delicious for words. The last snap is of happy hubby, who grilled the last frozen cookie… sheer bliss. =) =) Will be eating for days without any fuss, thanks to all his work. Ah… summertime… !

more food…

DSCN1208 DSCN1223  DSCN1243

The multi-cooker has been working overtime, thanks to warm weather and an innate laziness in me where cooking is concerned. We have eaten our weight in salads this week, and I made some very yummy chicken and zucchini on Monday. Wednesday was free-range pork and TONS of parsley, onion and garlic cooked with some red wine and served over jasmine rice with broccoli. Tonight, The Professor feels like grilling, I am thinking asparagus, tomatoes and onions with chicken thighs that will be delicious with a spicy rub. =) A generous friend has gracefully shared a dozen of her fresh eggs with us… they are so pretty, all the colors ! Quiche for the weekend… perfect !

As the weather warms, The Historian and I turn to the blender for breakfast smoothies, handfuls of spinach and sweet fruit make a delicious morning combo. So glad the semester is almost over; The Professor will make more of his outstanding pico de gallo… YUM ! =) Black beans and organic blue corn chips with an avocado are all the pico needs to be a gorgeous, easy dinner on the patio. Hmm… now all I need are some Margarita glasses !


DSCN1104 DSCN1105 DSCN1107

Ooh, I just love leeks, don’t you ?! Is there anything prettier than a chopped up bunch of the green beauties dancing in a hot pan with some shallots ? Perhaps a handful of fresh parsley, sparkling in the late afternoon sun ? Or maybe the addition of carrots, broth and spices bubbling happily away in my kitchen… YES ! I will be the first to admit that spending quality time with the stove and knives is not my favorite way to spend a day. But there is something so satisfying about chopping away, the snick of the blade in time to the 80’s tunes blasting out of the Bose; the smells and sizzles from the pan enticing me…

For our evening meal, the foxling and I are feasting on braised veggies and piles of steaming, brown rice. Topped with a few soft-cooked eggies, this will be a meal fit for a king. Well, a prince, at the very least. =) We have put in WAY too many hours on school work today, and I am looking forward to setting iTunes to a jazz station, having a conversation about meaningless things and digging into a hot meal. The jig is up… we live a life of glamour. =) What does the night have in store for you and yours ?

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