just a pile of random shit…

It is too hot here to spend much time contemplating real bloody topics, so I am resorting to a list. Aforementioned heat melted brain to the degree that one cannot come up with 10 items that go together in any meaningful way, so I thought I would just toss out some random thoughts, Tish style. =)

  1. If one is looking to change careers with teaching being the end game, consider your state’s liberal arts university. Small class sizes, writing intensive courses and LAC requirements mean one comes away with a more personalized and marketable degree, as well as being hugely prepared for the Graduate level work one will need to complete. The real bonus, though, is that you will have 10 or so PhD holding professors who personally know you and your work ethic… no small thing in a small state!
  2. Paul and I were at the Cape recently, and we decided to “rough it” rather than spending the $600 to do the activities we would have enjoyed, had the coffers been full. Opted to kayak with the seals rather than take the crowded boat ride, and had a peaceful and magical time. Ate the free B&B breakfast, and light lunch of sandwiches/snacks, deciding to go out for one real meal a day… seafood, since it is what they are known for. Saved a bundle and had better seafood than if we had to budget for 3 full meals out. We also got up crazy early so we could park for free at the best beaches and skip the crowds.Hottest part of the day was spent in the outdoor shower then napping in our spacious room, as half the cost of a crappy hotel room, and we were literally .4 miles from the boat launch and beach. We set a budget and found ways to have exactly what we wanted without compromising our wallets. Think you cannot afford to get away for a few days? Ping me for more recommendations! =)
  3. I have read 8 young adult books in as many days… and am now even more grateful for Thoreau than before, if possible. While there were a few glimmers of hope, I now know  why our kids cannot spell or comprehend a complex thought. Just saying.
  4. I am experiencing a weird phenomena, shifted my calories back to heavy lunch and light dinner, added my pervious health shake, and cut out pretty much all crap in the hopes of resetting my system after a long bout of sickness and meds. Have gained 1 1/2 pounds in a week. GRR….!!!!! This very limited exercise is literally KILLING me, and need to do SOMETHING that will not hurt knee that I can do at home!
  5. Kohl’s Cash dollars earned always, and I do mean ALWAYS are valid starting the day after a sale ends. I get it and all, but every time?! How about changing it up once a year, just to keep us on our toes?! Of course, cannot complain too much buck during the sale, I managed to grab two $35 pillows for a mere $#.05 each, by using my coupon and card. Love/Hate relationship defined.
  6. Michael Phelps, golden boy extraordinaire, acts like the lovable dufus he is at any and all moments, appropriate or not. He is revered, and we understand that “boys will be boys.” Gabby Douglas stands still during the pledge, hand not on heart, but silent and respectful anyway. We filleted her and will be serving her over toast in the atrium for brunch tomorrow. Bad Un-American. Other than skin color and gender, can anyone provide a VALID reason for America’s disgust for this girl, and the excuses we make for that boy?
  7. Am officially caught up on Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and House of Cards on Nexfilx, leaving me with only The West Wing to enjoy while I am melting to death in the evenings… I suppose this is a good thing with Uni starting back up in 2 weeks, but still, am sad. And a little relieved that nothing new has caught my eye to the extent that i will be tempted to blow off Italian to sneak-watch while kiddo is being good and working on assignments in her room… I would never live that down.
  8. Ever wonder why, 2 years later, you “accidentally” unfriended someone on Facebook? Go ahead, click them back into your life, no really, it will be fine. Not a chance of 13, 899 posts irrelevant to you showing up on your feed 12 seconds later. Sigh.

Well, that’s all I have today, peeps. Heading out to bring the kiddo to DR, grab some groceries, library for a bit. WAY too hot to enjoy outside time; friends tried the lake for an hour yesterday, srsly ONE HOUR, and came away with second degree sunburns, the lot of them. AFTER applying spf 60 liberally. My plan is to pretend we are star-nosed moles and eat watermelon on the couch with shades drawn all afternoon, watching scary movies and sipping frozen-to-slushy watered down Gatorade. Hope you all make it thru the insane weather this week, I do hear relief is on it’s way, and am reminded that I will be longing for such balmy temps come February. Love to you all! =)

listy little posting…

What do bored and burned out brilliant bloggers do when they have zero inspiration but still want to make their presence known? Yup, trusty list post to the rescue! =) However, WHAT type of list post exactly? Therein lies the rub; so one thinks and drinks coffee and nibbles carrot coins and chips, and drinks a bit more of the ever present bean juice until  coherent thought gels…

Without further ado, and apologies in advance for this paragon of brilliant writing you are about to devour… =)

MY CURRENT FAVORITES (subject to change without notice, lol)

SONG… Rainy Night in Georgia by Chris Young

BOOK… Among the Islands by Tim Flannery

FOOD… fresh Vietnamese spring rolls with added mango… YUM!

COFFEE… Peet’s Brazil Minas Naturais… holy gods, drink this NOW!

MOVIE… Love and Mercy, about Brian Wilson, amazing!

COLOR… Cerulean, this one never changes, but love champagne and sand dollar and lemon drop to varying degrees.

CANDLE… Yankee Candle Beach Walk, smells just like summer

SNACK… popcorn, but not just for snack, also treat and dessert and breakfast lol

LIP BALM… Fresh Wild Cherry Cause Lip Balm, great taste and texture, and each tube purchases plants 1,000 wildflowers in an attempt to grow bee populations! YIPEE!

ACTOR… Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal… beautiful, big-hearted, always dressed to the nines, and a life in bigger shambles than mine on my worst days. =) ** and yes, I am aware that I listed a female under a male category, but to debate such things is unimportant here =)**

PARFUM… Commodity’s Rain… breath of perfectly fresh and sexy air, too dear to buy in other than travel-sized spray. Seriously, the most beautiful scent on earth, and one that makes Paul swoon when I rub it behind my knees!

And, that’s about all I have for today. I am writing this while crunching more carrot coins, ever-present coffee perched on my art history text (lol), and the new season of Scandal playing, just released today, hence no schoolwork being accomplished. =) Gods, I love being an adult some day! Have a lovely, peeps! =)

the sum of my days…

Currently READING… Among the Islands, Eloquent Essays, Rereading Women, a memoir of Susan Sontag, you all’s blogs.

LISTENING TO… To Kill a Mockingbird (awesome, btw), French Cooking Music, George Michael, Michale Buble, Chris Botti, Coldplay, Vivaldi, and any manner c=of country music that catches my ear while in the car/shower/gym.

WATCHING… last season, disc 3-4 of Dexter, yeah I know, yuck, but srsly great show, Love and Mercy, Scandal.

EATING… popcorn, salad, burger sans bun, yogurt, haricot vert.

DRINKING… coffee, water, more coffee… did I mention coffee… and a solitary margarita. Actually, it was Tequila in a Margarita dress. Don’t go to a Mexican Steakhouse and order their “special” margarita unless you are ready to find walking impossible for the next 24 hours. Give or take a day.

BUSINESS TAKEN CARE OF… dmv for renewal, managed to remember enough paperwork and dan samples to get the highly sought after “Real ID” type. Now I am official. Good thing I paid all that money for my passport, which does the same thing… finished up my contract, out to lunch with former co-workers, obtained 2 business references, ordered a second copy of the Member 4 copy of DD-214, as other three copies are apparently useless for CT.

PLANS BEING MADE… a nice lunch out on Friday for Paul’s birthday (yay), grocery shopping at Aldi instead of other pricey place, hosting end of year sleepover for kiddo and pal, researching pc laptop for school within my budget, next week mornings on patio in sun with books, relaxing and working on my tan.

And that is about all for today, peeps. None too exciting, but there you have it. Love to you all, have a lovely! =)



just… wow…

I heard this the other day… “Oh, long weekend. My daughter and her friends tried to get drunk with their vaginas.” Um… wtf…?!

Apparently, my vajayjay has always been well behaved, as not only has she never been drunk, or tipsy for that matter, but at the tender age of 15, she was more concerned with keeping the secret fan-girl crush on Buck Rogers from her friends than trying to find ways to secretly imbibe. Hmm… seems I was a good girl after all… or perhaps my vajayjay was a nerd. I am not sure which freaks me out more…

So… random thoughts for the day… like it was gonna be anything else after that opener? =)

  1. If your vajayjay does indeed like to go out and tie one on, what’s her poison? I would like to think mine would have refined tastes, like maybe Sauternes, or at the very least, Cointreau… ok, maybe a Heineken.
  2. How ironic is it that when your work is canceled from threat of snow, you get up early in order to have an uninterrupted 4 hours plus to get an assignment done, only to have the power cut out 10 minutes later, and be off for 6 hours?
  3. “You don’t know what you’ve got until it is gone”… truer words never uttered, and by a shaggy hired, rockstar reprobate, nonetheless.
  4. The word most often used to describe me this past week was magnanimous. I got called that 4 times. 5 if you count the classmate who asked me what it meant then said in a loud whisper “Oh, yeah, you ARE magnanimous”… =)
  5. I am afraid this is going to be the semester that all my fav professors realize I am a total fraud and I flunk out, the only prospect on my horizon being to take a position in the janitorial service industry. I am doubly frightened because I cannot pull off a grey jumpsuit…

And that’s as far as I’ll go for today, seeing as I am in rare form, and can see things spiraling downward quickly. Anything of consequence to be said is going to have to be back-burnered for another day. Have a lovely, peeps!

what i’m up to…

Hey there peeps, how’s it ? =) January has, surprisingly, been a delight this year and we have had only a total of 1 inch of snow this season ! What a relief after getting storms 4-11 days a week last year at this time…

Gearing up for the coming term, I spent a drizzly day curled up on the sofa, surrounded by books and getting a head start on my first SOC paper. Yes, classes do not start until Jan 22. Yes, I already have 3 assignments completed for 2 classes. Yes, I have no life. And onward…

I decided to limit my course load this semester to the minimum allowable full time credits, which is 12, and equals a mere 4 classes. A gasp is heard, and all wonder what she will do with her scads of free time… but they are all upper level,  writing-in-the-major classes, so this is not as much of a break as one would expect. I am also working 2 days a week, have Isobel 3 days a week, and Paul is here in the middle of it all. So busy is still synonymous with my life, but perhaps to a more manageable degree for these next 4 months. =)

My days will be filled with the following classes, all taken to fulfill a specific requirement, and I do feel a small sense of accomplishment in that fact. I do so despise the gen-ed’s, and am riotously happy that with the exception of 3 years of another language, I am done with all those pedantic, regurgitation type scenarios. However, I am sure by midterm time, I will be crying for rote memorization rather than a 10 page analysis, but I digress…

  1. Social Inequality… examining around 20 themes, this course has a broad worldview that appeals to me.
  2. Humanities thru The Arts… required HUM course, but much more interesting than the usual fare, this textbook had me from the intro. LOVING the perception keys we must do, and first paper coming along without a hitch; a minor miracle for one who’s arts experience is limited to tipsy trips to The Met.
  3. Women’s Experience in Literature… rather than a course focused in the Americas, this survey covers 400 years and all the continents, creating quite a narrative of the women who helped shape our world. Cool beans !
  4. Nutrition… not the most challenging, but since it is my 3rd and final science course, I did not feel the need to go too hard core. Since I am quite well-versed in nutrition already, as well as vitamin therapy, homeopathy and alternative medicine as well as having a solid grasp of metabolic function and biology, I think I will maintain my GPA with this one. It was this or Genetics or Micro, so it was a no brainer, really.

And that wraps it up. As I said, they are writing intensive and the first 3 transfer to UConn as 3rd year courses, so I am sure there will be work aplenty to keep me up at night. However, during the long cold (?) winter ahead, I see many comfortable evenings curled up  next to Paul on this couch, telly flickering scenes of animal documentaries, and think it sounds pretty great.

What are you plans for the months ahead ? I know our Punky-Girl is about to move on to bigger and better things, and believe Ralph will finally be recognized globally as the comedic genius he so clearly is. Then there is Alice’s baby bunny who will make her debut, and CB is doing the school thing as well… any more news I need to catch up on ? Talk to you soon peeps, have a lovely !


As in 6am…

And 6 degrees; not of separation, but fahrenheit… (Holy mother of all gods it’s fkn FREEZING!!)

And the number of kisses I got while we were waiting for the truck to warm up this morning…

And the number of times he told me he loved me last night, as he wrapped his broad self around my chilly back…

And how many bites of dinner I had managed to eat…

And how many times I sneezed before I got up today…

Apparently 6 is the number of the day. Seeing as I am only on coffee #3 I better get a move on…


love is…

Love has as many incarnations as there are variations of color. That bitty word packs a punch like no other, and for this girl, makes my heart swell and my toes twirl me about the house without conscious thought…

Today, I know I am loved. I have a certainty in the depths of my being that I am cherished, adored above all others, and appreciated. In short, he loves me. And the only thing that makes this dream even more perfect is that I can look into his deep blue eyes and say, without guile or reservation, that I love him as well…

So how do I define this elusive yet all-encompassing emotion at this moment ?

  1. Love is… Paul shopping until 8 pm 2 days before Christmas to get the “most appropriate” teen ps3 games for my daughter… after working in the rain for 10 hours.
  2. Love is… heating up the lavender pad at 3am to put on my aching knee when I’m whimpering in my sleep… then rubbing my back so I slip back into slumber without knowing if it was a dream.
  3. Love is… forgoing buying coffee at work for 2 weeks in order to buy a pound of holiday blend at share with him, knowing a smile will light up his face when he sees the festive red foil wrap.
  4. Love is… getting up early to brew aforementioned coffee, allowing him a few more precious moments of sleep before another long day on the electric pole.
  5. Love is… baking cookies for him, temporarily ignoring the fact that I hate to bake.
  6. Love is… just one more kiss, for hours and hours, literally melting the night away. Then waking to the snooze button, late again, racing around the house… =)

I could go on and on, but I will spare you all. Have a beautiful night, peeps… =) =) May you be blessed with all the bounty, beauty and perfection of a love requited.

Nyangaino esangaree…

“I am happy today”… Translated from the African Luhya language.

Luhya is interesting, not a single language per se, but a more mutually agreed upon group of dialects, based upon the Bantu language that is spoken by around 3 million Kenyans. I was searching a database for an eloquent way to highlight my pleasure today, and the beautiful words caught my eye. As someone who is planning on going to Africa to do fieldwork and teach at some point, I am considering an African language as my second foreign language. Of course, with the numerous and interesting dialects, I am never able to narrow down the possibilities. =)

So what has me so happy today ? I am in a state of perfect, peaceful bliss. I am calmly, happily, completely at ease, and this is a rare feeling at this time in the semester. With finals looming, a holiday, family drama and a relationship to nurture, I should be about to lose my mind. Instead, I am sitting here, typing away to friends, drinking a smoky cup of french press and counting my blessings, which are just overwhelming me with their sheer numbers. =)

Shall we ?

  1. Paul is hunting today and texted me a photo of him in the tree… all disheveled, sleepy-eyed and grinning like a maniac. He bagged one so far and methinks there will be another in the freezer by Sunday. What is it with me and a man with a gun ?
  2. My foxling is spending the night with a friend. A sweet friend, with a normal mum. There are sisters, cats and a cake. Sounds perfect, and I sort of wish I was there too. Btw, since we have operating under increased disclosure her name is Isobel. my kiddo, not the friend or one of the cats.
  3. I have a reading day on Monday so can devote the entire day to studying maths and writing a paper. Which allows me to take some time tonight to watch a show tonight and maybe even have a bubble bath…gasp… the possibilities !
  4. I am alone tonight ! If Isobel isn’t home, Paul is, and vice versa. But tonight, I am alone. I feel deliciously decadent with almost 20 hours ahead of me. I think if I get far enough in my studies, I will treat myself to a quick hike followed by a coffee out in the morning.
  5. The house is rather warm as the… wait for it… SUN WAS SHINING ALL DAY ! =) It is getting back to the normal drear and chill now, but the day was simply beautiful. A treat all year long, but most especially during the cold season. What I would not give to live in Bali now…
  6. I had the most delicious lunch today. PF Chang’s frozen mini veggie egg rolls, nicely crispy from a hot oven, mandarin oranges, and seared leftover asparagus over lettuce and carrots. Seriously yummy and didn’t break the calorie bank. That is one account in which I have too many deposits, lol !
  7. Aforementioned perfect boyfriend got me a set of window deflectors for the car, so I can crack the windows and not go bat-shit crazy trying to wipe off leather seats in a deluge. He will install them on Tuesday after work, weather permitting. Not only did he buy them, he is saving me over $100 in labor costs. He is a peach, this one. =)
  8. Kiddo and I are heading to my brother’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This is perfect, as it will allow us family time and yummy leftovers, but avoid the actual day of insanity itself. As an added bonus, I am getting the oil changed before we head down, and it is on the way, so I get to kill two birds with one stone. I do so love being organized !

I could go on and on… but fear I will bore you to tears. Suffice it to say this has been a spectacular day, with more of the same in the forecast. I am going to draw that hot bath now, and use my last LUSH bath bomb, which will leave my bitty house smelling like Cherry trees and champagne. Sighs gleefully…

Much love to you, peeps. Cannot tell you how great today has been, or how happy I am that you all are along for the ride, too. Namaste. And I mean that. Perfectly. =)

wtf wednesday…

Ah, week half gone, one more full day of classes and one full day of work before the “break” of the weekend is upon us. If I squint and think really hard, I can remember the weekends before I was working last year, the weekends of Summer, 2014. After the whole moving fiasco, Friday thru Monday was spent in blissful pursuit of play, caffeine, friends, boys, ball games, and trips to the lake, in no particular order. Ah… while I do not want a repeat of that level of nuts, a mere weekend full of nothing to do would be appreciated right about now. I am sure every person on the planet feels the same way, and have no one but myself to blame for all this school-related work that is looming on my horizons. Cold beer break ? I’m sayin’… !

  1. Jane the Virgin… well just great. As if I am not unmotivated enough at this juncture, I stumble across possibly the most adorably sexy, ridiculous, dramatic and entertaining show on the planet. Damn you Netflix ! I have heard buzz about this show for a while now, but telly just doesn’t interest me most days. Jane, however, is FANTASTIC ! Funny enough to make me cry, a non-Caucasian, non-wealthy lead, and a secret baby daddy who happens to be a famous telenovela star ?! All I can say is… BWAHAHA ! Oh, and watch it now. Seriously, call into work, make popcorn, and grab some blankies, ’cause you’re gonna be there a while. =)
  2. Does the sentiment “better late than never” apply only to the minutiae of life, or also blog posts begun in the morning but not published until after one rushes home from crappy day ? I hope so, as I am off to drown (figuratively) my sorrows in a tub full of bubbles, epsom salts and cold beer. Rem… the cold beer in the hand, not tub… just for clarification… =)
  3. All my professors are sick… as in, really sick… with surgeries, days off, or antibiotic regimes looming. I think I may be gonna come down with something, as I am the fool who says after class to schmooze with them. I better get all “A”‘s for the effort.

Cannot think of a blessed thing else to write, so I better get into that tub and then make some dinner for my freezing cold hunter. =) Love to you all, peeps…

monday musings…

Ah… here we are again, the first day of the week, first day back to work, to classes, to responsibilities that are blissfully absent over the too-fleeting weekend. I am enjoying a very special treat today, French Pressed coffee with a splash of organic milk and exactly one teaspoon of fair trade cane sugar. Mmm… smoky, sooty, smooth. Sheer perfection in a 12 ounce cup, bringing tidings of happiness and peace to my tummy with every sip. Happy-making day. =) Without further ado…

  1. Pareto distribution and Zipf’s law may well explain why the idea of Communism, which is so reasonable on paper, cannot work in actuality, due to the 80-20% principle. Of course, some of the inevitable demise of the model comes from the fact that it depends an influx of free-market capital to float the system, but that is a discussion for another day. That damned near everything we see and experience has some fundamental basis in maths does not escape me, and irritates me to no end today. =)
  2. Everything tastes better when you are wearing your boyfriends rugby robe, sitting on the sofa, bathed in sunshine. It may be freezing outside, but with a tummy full of warm coffee, enveloped in fleece with your feet up, you won’t notice. Take that, winter… !
  3. There are 19 major world religions, subsetted into over 270 large religious groups. Neolithic burial practices seem to indicate some spiritual belief and therefore lean toward the idea that there was at least minimally reflective thought about consciousness, on some level. Sentience refers to consciousness, but to varying degrees. What level of cognition can be applied to a human versus a bumblebee, for example ? Does one need to add in a relevance factor ? I am curious about this today, for I seem to be operating more in a fugue state as finals loom closer, and believe that bumblebees may be capable of more coherent thought processes than I at this particular moment. I love cognition theory. And bees. That explains this little rabbit-hole excursion…
  4. It takes me the same amount of quarters to dry laundry separated into 3 loads by weight as it does to dry them all at once in one huge tangle. I can, however, remove items from the sheet dryer to fold before the jeans or towels are done, for example, so it saves me time at the end. And nothing gets really wrinkled if I separate everything appropriately. Again, math factoring into my day. Grr… maybe professor is correct after all about the distribution of maths over every aspect of life. I do not need to use the quadratic formula, however, to figure this out. So at least I get to be kind of right, too. =)
  5. I am fostering out my palm tree to the school, so she can spend the winter in the warm greenhouse with plenty of light. She will also make friends with the Bromeliads and pineapple plants. I have high hopes for a relationship with the orchids as well, but we all know how snobby they can be.
  6. I am on a total P!NK kick as of late. As amusing as I find myself, I am thinking that Paul could do with fewer morning renditions of “Raise your Glass” belted out in the shower… although he does come in the bathroom laughing out loud before he pulls back the curtain for a wet smooch. I am thanking all that is holy that I got off my John Denver obsession… although he denies it, I am sure Paul’s love for me does indeed have limits, and that “Take Me Home, Country Roads” would not be a welcome addition to our morning sexcapades.
  7. On a more serious note, blaming all Islamic folks for Paris is the same as blaming all Christians for abortion clinic bombings, stabbings and other assorted “justified” killings. Do you think maybe, just for one blessed and damned moment, can we climb down from the “us is better than thems” ledge and just realize that lives are lost in every country, every day, for untold stupid and preventable reasons, and maybe band together in loving-kindness rather than hate ? I am pretty sure all my enlightened readers feel the same, but just had to say it out loud…

I think that’s enough for one day, peeps. Love and healing thoughts of peace and hope to you all…


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