History, Shakespeare and baby clothes…

Today is shaping up to be very productive.  The Historian took a Latin test this morning… prefect score !!  I am so proud of her, she has been reciting all her conjugations from the past lessons, and says this makes sense to her… I adore this program, and her positive reaction to all the hard work.  She is learning about Ancient India and China, which of course brought up Buddha, Confucius, and the Hindu religion.  The parallels between English and Sanskrit made her laugh, but while discussing the caste system, she grew quiet, and I noticed tears in her eyes.  This is a child who knows of unfairness, and irritations, but has no first hand knowledge of injustice, hunger or helplessness.  She was appalled to discover the system is still in place, and wondered what it would take to change this… and what type of person it would take to institute such a change.  My only answer was a good person, a just and caring person, one who can make others see life from a different point of view.  This started a conversation about family, and how she cannot even make her own views acceptable to everyone she loves.  My foxling is growing up, and it seems such a burden to place on those small shoulders.  She has such empathy for people, especially the underdog, just like her mother.  We spend time often as of late, discussing how rich the world is because of different opinions.  She tries to see life from other angles, and is growing into such a caring young lady.  But some things are just plain wrong, and that is part of life, too.  All I can do is educate her, expose her to the wonderful, and not so great aspects of this world, and let her discover what space she wants to occupy.  To enable her to make choices, to form her own opinions, and accept her with love.  She is blooming under this acceptance, even thru the hard discussions.  I am proud of her, once again.

On a lighter note, we are devouring Shakespeare, his life and world.  We chuckled about Voltaire’s hatred of the Bard, and laughed outright at accounts of Tolstoy re-reding his plays,”… muttering in weariness and bewilderment.”  We finished the Canterbury Tales, and she worked on drawing scenes from her favorite stories.  We finished an entire chapter of maths, and have some fun planned for this afternoon… wrapping baby clothes !!  Gifts for Baby Faith, a few impossibly small shirts, tiny pants and the like.  We will wrap and ribbon the goodies, getting ready to mail tomorrow.  Hand made cards, stickers and confetti will complete the celebratory package, and ensure laughter upon opening.  There is nothing like making a friend happy. =)  I am surprising The Historian with cocoa and toasted nuts after our task is completed, and then we will walk in the rain…  yes, this is going to be a productive day.  I hope you are getting things done, work and play.


happily relieved…

Life is good, and this week I have been reminded how true this sentiment can be.  My friend has delivered a healthy baby girl, and they are both doing well.  She was luckily in the hospital when her contractions started, and was given a c-section; the baby was presenting feet down and had the cord around her neck… after a tense and frightening hour, baby Faith made it into our world.  Mother and baby are fine, a little worse for wear, but resting comfortably.  I feel like I can breath deeply again, and my shoulders are a few inches lower than they have been for months.  Happy does not begin to describe this emotion… =)

Yesterday, The Professor, The Historian and I were on a mission… find adorable, affordable baby items !!  We had such fun, The Historian picked out everything !  Shades of soft pinks, fluffy sweaters, silky blankies, a toy and a few books…  we  celebrated friendship, life and happiness together.  Those 2 hours were a balm to my soul, and reminded me of how precious life is, and how easy I have had it.  My little family, carousing around the store, laughing and exclaiming over the tiniest shirts, the impossibly small shoes…  what a beautiful thing it is… a healthy baby…  Baby Faith, you are loved, little one.  Life really is good.

under the weather…

Today the members of this fox den are feeling a bit… under the weather.  Not sick per se, just icky, sore throats, in need of a bit of extra TLC.  So, this momma fox breaks out a saucepan and makes soup…

Delicious soup, full of red and white rice, sweet potatoes, huge helpings of garlic and celery, lots of onions and hot, spicy broth… Every bit of goodness I had at my disposal went into that little pot, along with a hefty dose of love…I adore feeding my family nourishing and delicious foods what we feel sick.  I love knowing that all those wonderful vitamins and minerals are working their magic on The Historian and The Professor makes ME feel better, you know ? =) I am thankful we live in an area where we can purchase such tasty and healthful ingredients, and that we have enough appetite to drink and eat properly.  And that my foxling eats whatever is put in her path. =)

Speaking of The Historian, this is how she spent her morning, curled up with books, reading and snoozing; and checking her stats on the “Pottermore” website.  It is a wonderful place to play, all manner of Harry Potter and wizarding bits to explore.  I knew she did not feel well when she told me she was going to log out and let her head rest.  She is headed upstairs with Ricola, Vicks and a blankie or two.  She is such a young lady, but when feeling poorly; I can still see my baby foxling lurking in there…I am headed into the kitchen to brew cups of tea, bleach the counters and then relax… I feel that suspicious scratch at the back of my throat.  I hope you are in good health today, and if not, then I hope you can sip soup and feel better soon !

getting my mojo back…

It has been a busy few days around here, and I now have moments to reflect and write, which feels wonderful.  We have been progressing thru Latin with speed and accuracy, I am happy to report.  I wish you all could see The Historian, clapping out her recitations. =)  Yesterday, I accidentally gave her the workbook pages meant to be the pre-test, and she got 100%, so I am confident  she is grasping the material.  The essay on Phoenicia is graded and filed, another home run.  Integrated Science is so interesting; we worked on electricity, magnetism, and physics for the past 2 days, and she is loving it.  I have decided to drop vocab for now, as we are doing so much of it in conjunction with Latin.  All in all, I am thoroughly enjoying our days, and we are ahead of our goals, so I am happy.  The Historian is happy and healthy, so we’ve got it made ! =)

The Professor is downstairs typing furiously, getting a few lectures ahead in Genetics so we can enjoy a full day off this weekend.  His schedule is good this semester, allows for work between classes several days a week, which means more time with him at home. =)  It is amazing how quickly we have adjusted this school year… He has been out of the GC for 3 1/2 years now, and I guess we have created a groove into which we fall every August and January.  He loves the University, much more than the small college he transferred from.  He told me that he feels more driven, but in a positive way.  I am happy he was given advanced standing, and is among a group of people whom are all fighting to be at the top of the class.  I believe when you are accepted into a specific program you tend to work harder;  to keep your spot, if you will.  It is nice to see him come in the door, strewing coffee mug, shoes, keys and books across the kitchen, a huge smile on his face.  He and foxling spend dinnertime catching up, and exchanging new information.

I am well, have gotten into bed a bit earlier every night.  I can set the tone of our day by being grumpy from lack of sleep, or I can get into bed earlier, and wake happy and ready to kick the new day in the pants ! =)  Life is easier, and happier when I manage my insomnia and get the rest I need to function.

So… we met new friends !!!!! =)  A lovely woman contacted me over this past weekend, and wanted to get our girls together.  We decided to meet at the pool, and the girls swam for a few hours while the moms compared curriculum, husbands, and brands of coffee.  She is funny, genuine, and I think she is cool.  She and I have enough in common to talk happily, and enough differences to be interesting to one another.  I am happy to report we will be seeing them again. =)  Feels good to settle into a new town, a new home, and a new routine with new friends… I feel good, my tummy is full, my kid is happy and my hubby wants to snuggle.  I am folding up this day in warm happiness, placing it away in my heart for those days when peace is at a minimum, and humming my way upstairs to tuck in The Historian.  Have a beautiful night…

To Whom Much is Given…

Access to basic human rights should not be left to chance, or accident of birth.  I was recently thinking of my foxlings basic rights… to education, food, health care… to be free from abuse… to speak her mind without fear…  She was born into her life granted these things without thought, yet there are millions of children her age who cannot claim to have ever known even ONE of these precious resources.  She has never been hungry.  She has received low cost immunizations against disease that claims lives around the globe.  She has never been exploited, and has two parents who keep care of her, ensuring her safety to a degree unheard of in over 88 countries.  She lives a charmed life.  We must not forget that many children will live and die according to whim, weather or chance.  Are not these unnamed children as precious, and worthy as my own girl ?  My girl, who thru circumstance, could be any one of these beautiful and exploited children?  Sobering thought.  They could be her.  They could be me.  They have a voice, and need to be heard.  Consider supporting Doctors without Borders, Global Citizen, Causes.com… Be aware of the beauty in our world, without a doubt.  But educate yourselves of the tragedies that are facing a huge percentage of our worlds’ peoples.  Share info with those you love, put the word out there.  Children need to be protected.  ALL CHILDREN.  As I prepare our dinner tonight, I will be thinking of our bounty.  And thanking providence that I have a voice…  Peace to you all…


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