such a copycat… =)

I was reading one of my fav blogs yesterday, and once again, CB has inspired me. At this rate, I will have to pay her royalties for all the ideas I shamelessly steal from her colorful blog. Thanks again, darling !

I am HAPPY because…

1.  We finally chose a science curriculum!   2.  I lost another pound !  3.  My hubby is cooking up a feast for his girls, just because he wants to.  4.  I am wearing my winter socks with the red flowers on them.  5.  The rain is torrential this morning.  6.  I love my online class!!

I am SAD because…

1.  Women’s access to insurance-covered birth control is being threatened by narcissistic republican drama queens.   2.  Our visit with my Auntie had to be postponed due to car trouble.  3.  I still have SO many more pounds to lose.  4.  This time of year bums me out, big-time.  5.  I don’t have a Bonsai.

I am WEIRD because…

1.  I still want to be an astronaut when I grow up.  2.  I only use colored pencils to bubble in word searches.  3.  I sleep with my daughters discarded stuffed dog.  4.  Aforementioned dog is sprayed with hubby’s cologne.  5.  If I wake up in the middle of the night, I sing old sesame street songs in my head, and I grin my fool head off as I fall back asleep.  6.  I think Mark Ruffalo is WAY hotter than Channing Tatum.

I am GREAT because…

1.  I home educate my foxling, and cannot think of a better job !  2.  I am focused and can accomplish anything, given enough motivation.  3.  If I love you, it is to the moon and back; forever and without reservation.  4.  I sing in the shower, and my psyche applauds every time.  5.  I am smart enough to let my ideals change as I mature.  6.  I eat my yogurt every morning before I have my coffee. =)

I am EXCITED to…

1.  Really focus on creating a routine of asanas.  2.  Play “Ticket To Ride Nordic Countries” over the holiday break!  3.  Go to a basketball game at the state university.  4.  Get the new laptop so I can retire this poor old girl.  5.  Travel again, in a few short years !  6.  Buy a new bathing suit next summer.

I am THANKFUL for…

1.  The heat that is included in our rent.  2.  Access to plenty of clean water.  3. The health of myself, my daughter and husband.  4.  The amazing library we have amassed.  5.  Loved ones who are emotionally invested in our well-being.  6.  My bloggy, virtual friends like you ! =)

critical thinking with games…

DSCN1156 DSCN1158 DSCN1159

The Historian has never been to an institute of public learning. We have had her home since birth, and our early years we filled with reading, painting, nature walks, messy-but-fun science experiments and the like. As a matter of fact, our days still have some of those components, but she is now enthralled with maths and latin, Thoreau and physics, writing and Roman culture. We have encouraged any spark of interest and now have a child who told me yesterday that “I can’t imagine any day in my life that I DON”T learn”! =)

The one area that we have only recently addressed is test prep. Sure, she can do analogies in her sleep, runs thru a math drill every morning, and is strong with word problems. I have never spent any significant time getting her ready for tests, and when we recently looked thru a study guide for her math test, she felt it was a little unfair that she had some idea of the content going in. =) She looks at testing as a challenge to be won, and I am thankful to all that is holy for that attitude. But seriously, does a child need specific prep in order to maximize scores, even if they have the information in their head ? The answer may be yes. Learning to maximize your allotted time, and make the test work for you is a skill that some say is learned, not intuitive. So… we have begun timing a little more closely, I give her detailed instructions, and it seems to be an amusing diversion for her.

The Historian loves to draw in her free time, as well as do crosswords and puzzles. Building on these interests, we chose a few new games for those moments when a long game session with the family is not possible. Thinking-skill puzzle games, to be precise. 1 player, 5-10 minute diversions. Something to do while dinner is simmering away. My foxling compared a LOT of games before she decided on the 4 that were purchased. These past few days, when we have some spare moments, she scampered to the bookshelf and grabbed a game, which was done quickly, efficiently, and happily. We laughed over the ease of the first few puzzles, then laughed at the last few… how complicated they become ! As she giggled and re-arranged the pieces, I caught a glimpse of that small child she once was, and I am happy to report she is still there. =)

yet another game (gasp) and random thoughts…

DSCN0792 DSCN0793 DSCN0795

The Historian chose to play “Ticket to Ride”, original map today. It was so much fun !!! This game is simpler than the others we have been playing, much to the relief of my tired mumma brain. =) The snaps are of the beginning and end of the game. The Historian pummeled us, in a clear victory ! Way to go, sweetie !! =) Don’t you love The Professor’s face in this one ?! Methinks he shall kill me for posting this… !

We found more of that INCREDIBLE Rainbow Chard, and had that for dinner. The Professor cooked, and I laid on the couch, drinking coffee and perusing the latest PBTeen catalog. I am a terrible wife this weekend, it is like all my work ethic went straight out the window and I would rather starve or be naked than cook or do laundry today. Power to the people ! =)

Did you ever read a book with your child/niece/neighbor kid that was so much deeper and better than you ever thought possible ?! We found “Finding her Way” at Royal Fireworks Press, and it has to be one of the best children’s books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I remember being introduced to the Transcendentalists in college almost 20 years ago, and becoming aware of my surroundings like never before. This book explores Thoreau at Walden, and the beautiful writing and deep descriptions made the characters so vibrant, I could almost hear their voices. =) Brought me back to that new, anything-is-possible feeling of reading Thoreau and Emerson for the first time. The author is truly a master at her craft, and I cannot wait to spend hours this week discussing the events of the book with The Historian. =)

I need to clean the shelf under my nightstand… expired co-op card, last year’s educator ID, journal, about 16 pens, Rhodia graph paper pad, a sticker, one sock, perfume,  and several back issues of TRICYCLE magazine from 2011. The only spot in the house I never feel like I must clean, so it gets ignored. At least the top is free of junk and can hold all the books I want. =) I am off to replenish the stack up there, and make a cup of Gypsy Cold Care tea. BEST tea ever, for sniffles and winter in general. =) Have a great night, everyone !!

one more for the road…

DSCN0801 DSCN0802 DSCN0804 DSCN0805 DSCN0798 DSCN0800

The votes are in, and my foxling happily told us that this has been the best long weekend in her entire life ! =) We have played our hearts out, enjoyed a bit of sunshine and snow, and managed to cook the most delicious rainbow chard in the universe ! On this happy note, we complete our time off, relaxed and ready for this next term of work.

Our swan song for the gaming frenzy was “Arkham Horror”. Ooh, not for the faint of heart… my foxling LOVED IT !!!!!!! The game is designed in such a way that it could feasibly take several days to complete ! Once a character dies, he or she is replaced with another person of your choice, really allowing each player to fight battles and gain tokens without worrying about getting cut from the game. Very cool premise, we think. We had so much fun with this one, not a slow-paced or quick game at all. There are alternate worlds and dimensions to explore, and while each character does their own thing, there is no competition because either you ALL win, or certain death awaits you all.

We enjoyed some fabulous and easy meals this weekend, as well. We ate tuna, pitas, soups and the like. My darling Professor cleaned and prepped the prettiest rainbow chard, and seared it with onion, garlic, white wine, and 2 perfect pork chops. The whole shebang was served over basmati rice, and I cannot begin to tell you how fragrant and full of flavor this meal was. Clean up took minutes, and we retired to the living room to color a card for my nephew. He turns 13 this coming week… a teen !! The Historian is green with envy, that he gets to reach that milestone before she does ! =)

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, and this year has been a smashing success this far. Have a wonderful night !

game day, take 2…

DSCN0786 DSCN0787 DSCN0789 DSCN0791

AWW… Isn’t he cute ?! =)

Day 2, still at it… game of choice was “Descent”, the Journey in the Dark edition. Wow, did the Historian ever love this one ! Brief synopsis, there is an “overlord” and several “hero” characters. My foxling chose to be the overlord, who is basically trying wreak all kinds of havoc and destroy the hero. There are monsters, dice to roll for damage, and a watery pit to wade thru. The “quests” are different each time, and you can play several rounds, one after the other to prolong the game. The big cream-colored guy in the first 2 photos is the “Ettin”, Mauler by name. =) She had several unsavory characters at her disposal, but The Professor managed to get in a good spell or 2, so we held our own. =)

We learned that while I do not favor fantasy games, my foxling has a penchant for destroying pretend creatures while defending her realm. Who knew we would be a den of board-game geeks. =) Life is good, there is order in the land once again. Rest easy, we will prevail. =)

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