r.i.p., fishwich…

The first death in our almost-blended family-type unit… that it was a 6 inch fish with a penchant for biting doesn’t lessen the poignancy of the moment.

Thank ALL that is holy, Paul unexpectedly came over last night and was able to rid the tank of the poor, slimy creature that had apparently been stewing in his own juice the entire day as I was in class and orientation. Perfect timing, Fishwich. The life of a pet owner, sigh.

Rigor mortis still had the yellow-grey body in its grasp, and Paul almost dropped it out of the scoopy net and onto my bedroom carpet…Sobbing and screeching, I hid under the covers after flinging an entire linen closet shelf’s worth of bath towels at him, which now need to be double washed or I will NEVER use them again… stop laughing, he did that enough last night for all you all readers, thank you very much! I am glad he had the foresight to fling the corpse into the woods at the back of the complex, or I never would have gone again into our back yard area, for fear of encountering a cat-eviscerated spine or head staring blankly up at me… eww…

So… I was at school yesterday and had the requisite swag bestowed upon me by the VERY bouncy student advisory team, the collective age of whom was less than mine, lol. Nothing makes me feel quite as old as being in a room with 25 tan and willowy rising Juniors, eager to impress us with their backflips and typing skillz… weird combination, I know, but still quite impressive to behold, sans coffee and freezing in my middle-agedness.

I am in all A levels, making me feel rather like the Sorting Hat put me in the best house. 17 credits didn’t sound like much while I was registering, but facing the stack of books this morning and filling in my day planner, the familiar “oh shit” moment grabs me and I wonder, for the umpteenth time, what the HELL I am doing. Oh, I know I will end up satisfied, happy, and in possession of that elusive PhD., as that is my nature and success follows me, if I bother with the effort. But every few years, after achieving a preliminary goal, I am scooted right back to the beginning steps of the next goal, and would very much like to be stagnant for a few years, you know, to breathe and all. =) How can I work on my novel if I am busy with maths (again??!!) and mentoring and the dreaded PRAXIS exams? So I better pour another cup of coffee and relax on the back patio with that stack of books and the scent of tomatoes wafting pleasantly toward my smiling face with just one more little “crinkle” around the mouth than last year.

Have a beautiful day, peeps. Anyone else working toward a new career or promotion these days? Best of luck if so, and congrats if not. =) Wishing you all light and love, and no end to happiness… =)



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  1. Alice
    Jul 16, 2016 @ 12:34:27

    “Anyone else working toward a new career or promotion these days?”
    Oh yeah. It’s a load of bollocks. Love and light to you on your journey as well!


    • tishmoon
      Jul 16, 2016 @ 17:15:47

      Ooh, Alice, are you totally changing or working your way up?! Totally interested… it is a hard journey at any age, but I find my ability to deal with bullshit gets less and less as the years go on…=) =)


      • Alice
        Jul 16, 2016 @ 17:36:38

        Rebuilding from the ground up. Hard for me to capture in writing, at least yet.
        (But. You bring the cuppa tequila, I’ll bring the salt & lime, and we’ll see if I can’t manage to tell ya all about it! 😛 )

      • tishmoon
        Jul 16, 2016 @ 17:41:00

        Ooh, sounds mysterious and FUN! =) =) The reality is probably more monotonous, but still… sounds good on paper! =) As soon as you feel like sharing, you know I’m all ears! Well, and ass… have quite a bit of ass too, but we won’t discuss dieting fiascos today… I’m in much too good a mood! =)

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