instagram and summertime…

It’s summer, July, my birthday… 2016 is HALF over, srsly??!! I have so much to accomplish before the end of December that I am not sure I can squish it all in. But I am having a hell of a time trying! =) =)

We had ferocious thunderstorms last night, Paul was on call so he spent half the night re-wiring Hartford. We had coffee before he went out the first time, Gatorade before he left the second, and by 0600 he was back in the truck again, coffee and lunch on the seat next to him, rain gear piled under hard hat and harness, cigarette dangling from corner of smiling mouth, one hand waving out the window as he hollered “Happy Birthday Baby!”

I’m sitting here in my impossibly cool living room, bathed in sunlight and thankful for the breezes that are blowing my messy hair about my head. I did some VERY light hiking this morning, not enough to hurt overmuch, but hopefully enough to burn off the Swedish Fish  calories eaten with abandon and zero guilt as the sun came up.

I finally got on the instagram wagon, a little late to the game in my particular fashion. I find it intimate, easy, fun, and LOVE to snap a photo and know that in less than 2 seconds, I have posted it, and can even zoom in or change the color! Please find me there, at:


I have saved countless hours by not posting my photos here, and just popping them into my phone account.  A better representation of my days, no matter how truncated. =)

At any rate… Paul and I have been taking the yaks out at every opportunity, and this physical activity has brought a new level of intimacy to our relationship. Due to my knee injury, I cannot get them on and off the car or truck, so while I can “help,” this task is left to him. He is LOVING the maleness of taking physical care of me, lol. =) Not only does he take care of the on and off loading, but he makes an arm bridge for me, allowing me to get in and out without undue stress on my poor knee. Once in the water, he slowly paddles circles around me in his more streamlined boat until I get my bearings and manage to fight the current to head in the agreed-upon direction. He is WAY stronger than I, and after 6 months of no real workouts, I am a little less than I was a year ago. So though he ends up ahead of me regularly, he always comes back close to me, offering words of encouragement and smiles. This is the first time he has had a chance to really take this role of protector and helper, and he is flourishing under what I feared would be a mere responsibility.

Additionally, we went fishing, several times. Watching him throw out the line, play it a bit, then sit in companionable silence in the waning evening sun and just soak in the calm. Valium for the soul… so very much needed. =) The fishing thing is a HUGE deal, because he has not been in 5 years. His best childhood friend dies then, and he and this man fished constantly, flying down south to oil rigs and similar sites to real in the big boys of the game, marlin and tuna. Since he died, Paul has not been back out, and while our little excursions are not the same, watching the stress melt from his face as he relaxes makes my own heart sing. He is in his element on the water, beautiful to watch as a gracefulness that belies his size controls his movements. He smiles hugely enough to block out the sun, and comes home exhausted and sated in a way I have not observed before.

That he would chose now to return to this sport, and chose me to accompany me, is not small thing, and that fact is not lost on me. Our relationship is deepening, but rather than feel strangled, I feel buoyed by it all. He shared this part of himself with me, without reservation. Those of you with men in your lives understand the wow factor of that statement. =) So while my living room is littered with yaks, life vests, and the odd whistle and ePirb device, I am deeply satisfied in a way that is very new to me. I feel like I am trying on couture, but instead of being tight and scratchy, this lusciousness was made for me, and that realization stuns me. Looks like my general plan to move to the Keys and teach my college classes online should become something to more seriously consider. =)

At any rate, I have to go now. I love being here with you, but I love hiking in the rarity of a cool July afternoon even more. Catch you on the flip side, peeps… much love to you all who chose to share my journey. =)


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