maggie and henry and ralph…

I have been mostly able to avoid the insanity of the impending holidays for the most part, squirreled up as I was in my little den studying and foraging for food at odd hours. Now that the term is over and I have had the necessary day on the couch in jammies, I can no longer put off laundry, grocers, and requisite visit to skilled nursing center to visit with previous client. I live in an actual village in a small town in the quiet corner of CT. Our population is around 1,120 as of the last census, but we swell to overflowing with the yearly influx of UCONN students. Said students have fled for warmer climes or familial homes. One would think the streets would be bare, the only sound birds in the tops of evergreens…

Except for the traffic to and from every store in a 1,000 mile radius, at all hours of the day and night, for obscene amounts of shopping. I went to the library 2 days ago, usually a short, 8 minute drive. Took almost 30, and was bumper to bumper the whole way. Did I move to Manhattan in my sleep ? No, that can’t be right, there would be WAY better food options…

When our American greed and insanity gets too much for this girl to bear, I find escaping into nature is just the thing to sooth my frayed nerves and make me remember that I am connected to something other than people who push and inflict bodily harm to obtain plastic toys for their offspring. Things like atmosphere, huge trees swaying in the breeze, and the beautiful stars that pop out under the haze of a glowing moon.

Walking thru crunchy leaves, smelling the crisp scent of pine needles, and feeling the pale sunlight warm my face brings me immense joy, and though there is no ocean in sight, I am as calm as I can get without waves beneath me. Hands warm from thick gloves, I reach out to touch fir cones, bark, the odd stone on the path. Rustling deeper in the woods alerts me to the fact that I am not alone, and wouldn’t it be nice to see a bumbling bear ? =)

So naturally my minds wanders to those authors who knew the restorative powers of nature, and returning to one’s roots. Emerson, Thoreau and Fuller, to be exact. People whose opinions I cherish and ponder on cold winter nights, curled under blankets with my fairy lights twinkling across the room. There is no sense in wishing I was in a place and time that supported their ideals over the ones we hold collectively today, but I CAN prepare my life, get my things in order, and go out there and find my tribe; those who share common ideals and values similar to my own.

Don’t get me wrong, this is as good a place as any to work on the creating of the person I want to be when I am grown. =) I am happy, reasonably satisfied with daily life, and beyond thrilled that I have a wonderful man in my life with whom I can share the journey. What I am really excited for is that first job, coming in about 4 years, when I finish the dual BA/MA with teaching cert. The next 3 years will be spent cramming all the experience I can onto my Curriculum Vitae, at which point we can pack up and go where the wind carries us…

Did you know Margaret spoke 5 languages ? And that she was translating Virgil at the tender age of 6 ?! Growing up with privilege and a father who knew the value of education and worldview certainly shaped the woman she would become, a woman who I deeply admire today, 165 years after she died at age 40… younger than I. She perished in a shipwreck with her husband and son Angelo. Such a tragic end to a life full of meaning, lived fully by a person wanting to share her vast knowledge.

And I am officially rambling here. I will leave you with this thought… “Men for the sake of getting a living forget to live”… I do not want to be one who looks back on my life, and realizes I couldn’t see the forest for the trees. I know there are many years of hard work ahead of me, as well as establishing myself in a new field and area. But what a tragedy it would be for me to focus so hard on the outcome that I do not enjoy the journey ! So I am taking my grexy foxling out for a hike today, and hope as the old air fills our lungs, so will our hearts fill with the calm and peace that nature brings to harried days… Namaste, peeps… have a lovely !



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