monday, monday…

Yup, total tribute to the Mama’s and the Papa’s here; only wish it “was all I hoped it would be”…

If this math class doesn’t kill me, I am officially immortal. Am feeling less like HULK lately and more like Bruce Banner after his alter ego jumps off a tall building straight down to explode the concrete below. Sore, confused and more than a little out of sorts. While I am mildly curious about how this next semester is going to pan out, I am desperately wishing to be done with school and back in the work force where I will, hopefully, have something valid to contribute. While learning fascinates me, the regurgitation and meaningless stroking of egos is beginning to rub me raw in uncomfortable places.

One could say I am fortunate, as my classes were interesting for the most part. I very much loved every moment of Cold War History, and geology was far more in depth than I could have imagined. I am getting closer to my goals with each passing day, a step in the right direction. I like my measly lab-rat job, and my boss called me “fabulous” today. I am warm tonight; tummy full of spicy gumbo, and Isobel is in her room, chatting with friends, peals of laughter seeping thru the walls. I should be deep in the throes of 30second dance party right about now, music thumping and feet twirling me about the house…

But I am soo…. sleeeeepyyy….

Dreams of good Chinese food are dancing in my head, and sunny days off with Paul, driving south to the beach with tunes blaring, his huge hand rubbing across my thigh. Studying for tonight has been abandoned, instead I sip warm tea and try to keep my eyes open as I type a few lines. The beating drums from the documentary I am half-watching echo the throbbing in my head, and I am damned near ready to throw in the towel for the night. Talk to you on the flip side, peeps… good night.


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