Love… is there any word more fraught with expression and hope, promise and purpose ? The weight of it as it falls off the their lips like ripe berries, the depth of emotion in their eyes as they whisper it to you, the exquisite warmth of their breath on the nape of your neck…

Love. The infinite incarnations amaze me today… how on earth can one expressed sentiment mean so many things to so many people ?!

My personal definition has changed over the years, maturing and morphing into something soft and light, something ephemeral, something that you cannot hold, but cannot hope to contain in yourself as it flows in gentle waves over the that one special person.

Today, love means gentleness. The heft of his hand on my hip, patting gently. The way he caresses my cheek while whispering sweet nothings. His soft lips as they nuzzle paths over my skin, laughing softly at my reaction. And his words to me, shyly in the night… “when I wrap my arms around you, you melt into me and fit perfectly, and I really don’t sleep when I’m at home without you”…

When I add up all the moments we have been together, they amount to such a small pile, it is almost laughable. If the moments were grains of sand, there would be a few cupfuls at most. How can this represent my life, and what is most dear to me ? And yet, how could it not ? I am not a grand gesture type of gal, not desiring the big ring, the moonlit dancing, the holidays filled with large gifts and trips. I prefer the moments that happen organically, like being tickled and falling off the bed, dragging him with me as we howl with laughter. Or getting so distracted by his kisses that I burn dinner, for the 3rd night in a row. And him eating it anyway, pronouncing “Nah, it’s perfect”… I prefer lip balm to Dior lip stain, Converse to Louboutins, jeans to dresses. French fries to French food, coffee to champagne, and a day at the beach in flip flops to a weekend in Paris. And wouldn’t you know, Paul agrees hook, line and sinker.

Alas, while I could talk all day, I better go get some work done, damned maths won’t work themselves. Good morning, good day, and much happiness to you all, peeps… =)




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