Nyangaino esangaree…

“I am happy today”… Translated from the African Luhya language.

Luhya is interesting, not a single language per se, but a more mutually agreed upon group of dialects, based upon the Bantu language that is spoken by around 3 million Kenyans. I was searching a database for an eloquent way to highlight my pleasure today, and the beautiful words caught my eye. As someone who is planning on going to Africa to do fieldwork and teach at some point, I am considering an African language as my second foreign language. Of course, with the numerous and interesting dialects, I am never able to narrow down the possibilities. =)

So what has me so happy today ? I am in a state of perfect, peaceful bliss. I am calmly, happily, completely at ease, and this is a rare feeling at this time in the semester. With finals looming, a holiday, family drama and a relationship to nurture, I should be about to lose my mind. Instead, I am sitting here, typing away to friends, drinking a smoky cup of french press and counting my blessings, which are just overwhelming me with their sheer numbers. =)

Shall we ?

  1. Paul is hunting today and texted me a photo of him in the tree… all disheveled, sleepy-eyed and grinning like a maniac. He bagged one so far and methinks there will be another in the freezer by Sunday. What is it with me and a man with a gun ?
  2. My foxling is spending the night with a friend. A sweet friend, with a normal mum. There are sisters, cats and a cake. Sounds perfect, and I sort of wish I was there too. Btw, since we have operating under increased disclosure her name is Isobel. my kiddo, not the friend or one of the cats.
  3. I have a reading day on Monday so can devote the entire day to studying maths and writing a paper. Which allows me to take some time tonight to watch a show tonight and maybe even have a bubble bath…gasp… the possibilities !
  4. I am alone tonight ! If Isobel isn’t home, Paul is, and vice versa. But tonight, I am alone. I feel deliciously decadent with almost 20 hours ahead of me. I think if I get far enough in my studies, I will treat myself to a quick hike followed by a coffee out in the morning.
  5. The house is rather warm as the… wait for it… SUN WAS SHINING ALL DAY ! =) It is getting back to the normal drear and chill now, but the day was simply beautiful. A treat all year long, but most especially during the cold season. What I would not give to live in Bali now…
  6. I had the most delicious lunch today. PF Chang’s frozen mini veggie egg rolls, nicely crispy from a hot oven, mandarin oranges, and seared leftover asparagus over lettuce and carrots. Seriously yummy and didn’t break the calorie bank. That is one account in which I have too many deposits, lol !
  7. Aforementioned perfect boyfriend got me a set of window deflectors for the car, so I can crack the windows and not go bat-shit crazy trying to wipe off leather seats in a deluge. He will install them on Tuesday after work, weather permitting. Not only did he buy them, he is saving me over $100 in labor costs. He is a peach, this one. =)
  8. Kiddo and I are heading to my brother’s the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This is perfect, as it will allow us family time and yummy leftovers, but avoid the actual day of insanity itself. As an added bonus, I am getting the oil changed before we head down, and it is on the way, so I get to kill two birds with one stone. I do so love being organized !

I could go on and on… but fear I will bore you to tears. Suffice it to say this has been a spectacular day, with more of the same in the forecast. I am going to draw that hot bath now, and use my last LUSH bath bomb, which will leave my bitty house smelling like Cherry trees and champagne. Sighs gleefully…

Much love to you, peeps. Cannot tell you how great today has been, or how happy I am that you all are along for the ride, too. Namaste. And I mean that. Perfectly. =)


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