monday musings…

Ah… here we are again, the first day of the week, first day back to work, to classes, to responsibilities that are blissfully absent over the too-fleeting weekend. I am enjoying a very special treat today, French Pressed coffee with a splash of organic milk and exactly one teaspoon of fair trade cane sugar. Mmm… smoky, sooty, smooth. Sheer perfection in a 12 ounce cup, bringing tidings of happiness and peace to my tummy with every sip. Happy-making day. =) Without further ado…

  1. Pareto distribution and Zipf’s law may well explain why the idea of Communism, which is so reasonable on paper, cannot work in actuality, due to the 80-20% principle. Of course, some of the inevitable demise of the model comes from the fact that it depends an influx of free-market capital to float the system, but that is a discussion for another day. That damned near everything we see and experience has some fundamental basis in maths does not escape me, and irritates me to no end today. =)
  2. Everything tastes better when you are wearing your boyfriends rugby robe, sitting on the sofa, bathed in sunshine. It may be freezing outside, but with a tummy full of warm coffee, enveloped in fleece with your feet up, you won’t notice. Take that, winter… !
  3. There are 19 major world religions, subsetted into over 270 large religious groups. Neolithic burial practices seem to indicate some spiritual belief and therefore lean toward the idea that there was at least minimally reflective thought about consciousness, on some level. Sentience refers to consciousness, but to varying degrees. What level of cognition can be applied to a human versus a bumblebee, for example ? Does one need to add in a relevance factor ? I am curious about this today, for I seem to be operating more in a fugue state as finals loom closer, and believe that bumblebees may be capable of more coherent thought processes than I at this particular moment. I love cognition theory. And bees. That explains this little rabbit-hole excursion…
  4. It takes me the same amount of quarters to dry laundry separated into 3 loads by weight as it does to dry them all at once in one huge tangle. I can, however, remove items from the sheet dryer to fold before the jeans or towels are done, for example, so it saves me time at the end. And nothing gets really wrinkled if I separate everything appropriately. Again, math factoring into my day. Grr… maybe professor is correct after all about the distribution of maths over every aspect of life. I do not need to use the quadratic formula, however, to figure this out. So at least I get to be kind of right, too. =)
  5. I am fostering out my palm tree to the school, so she can spend the winter in the warm greenhouse with plenty of light. She will also make friends with the Bromeliads and pineapple plants. I have high hopes for a relationship with the orchids as well, but we all know how snobby they can be.
  6. I am on a total P!NK kick as of late. As amusing as I find myself, I am thinking that Paul could do with fewer morning renditions of “Raise your Glass” belted out in the shower… although he does come in the bathroom laughing out loud before he pulls back the curtain for a wet smooch. I am thanking all that is holy that I got off my John Denver obsession… although he denies it, I am sure Paul’s love for me does indeed have limits, and that “Take Me Home, Country Roads” would not be a welcome addition to our morning sexcapades.
  7. On a more serious note, blaming all Islamic folks for Paris is the same as blaming all Christians for abortion clinic bombings, stabbings and other assorted “justified” killings. Do you think maybe, just for one blessed and damned moment, can we climb down from the “us is better than thems” ledge and just realize that lives are lost in every country, every day, for untold stupid and preventable reasons, and maybe band together in loving-kindness rather than hate ? I am pretty sure all my enlightened readers feel the same, but just had to say it out loud…

I think that’s enough for one day, peeps. Love and healing thoughts of peace and hope to you all…



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Rose
    Nov 17, 2015 @ 23:14:02

    Ugh…snobby orchids!!! LOL


  2. Agatha Ann
    Nov 18, 2015 @ 14:04:59

    Wow, some pretty in depth Monday musings! It’s already Wednesday and I’ve barely mused that much in three days!


    • tishmoon
      Nov 20, 2015 @ 09:22:37

      Aggie ! =) Thanks, but you flatter me over much… my thoughts get less intelligent at the week progresses… by Friday I am lucky if I can make the plates and stains correctly, and brew a decent cup of coffee… =) =)


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