I guess there are 2 camps on this issue here… those who are excitedly wagging their bottoms, puppy-style, in anticipation of the December release of Star Wars the force AWAKENS…and then there is me. I realize I may be the only American of a certain age who did not contribute to breaking Fandango with pre-ticket sales fervor, but while watching the trailer (for what is it, episode 35 by now?), seeing Hans looking so, well, not in his prime made my breath catch. What about Buck Rogers, I wonder how Gil Gerard is fairing… from his wheelchair on the assisted living facility balcony… =(

I grew up in a time when special effects were lasers and cardboard cutouts strategically placed in the distance. Star Wars was mind-boggling, life-changing, too good to be true. Thru the years as more installments were added, the patina was rubbed thin until the characters and plot lines were a mere shadow of their former Technicolor glory. Seeing Leia and Hans as overweight-ish, greying, craggy manifestations of their once glorious selves was just too much for this blogger to bear.

No, I am not ageist, but as a woman of a certain age myself, I am constantly reminded of the fact that while I am a mature, funnier, even a better version of my 20 year old self, time does have a way of thrashing us into submission. Running over 5 miles now means screaming and swollen knees for days, my ass is sinking in Titanic fashion and where the HELL did those spots on the backs of my hands come from… but I digress.

So… yes, I will see the movie when it comes to Amazon for rent, because the music still has a child-like hold on me. If I hear it in the car, I make light-saber sounds and weave back in forth on the road, dodging fire… but how much of it is mere curiosity, and how disappointed will I be to see yet another generation of characters replace the beloveds? At least there is no mention of that fkn ridiculous lizard-like Jar-Jar, so there is that. Are you all lining up for the first local showing, waiting until you can cry over it in the privacy of your own home, or boycotting it on principle, only to sneak-watch it on Netflix next year ? I don’t know how to make a poll graph, blame it on my focusing on chalk scribbling in Kindergarten instead of being highly motivated, but you can comment, please. =) Have a lovely, peeps… !


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  1. CB
    Oct 20, 2015 @ 07:45:56

    I never got into the whole Star Wars thing. In fact, I’m probably the Antithesis of Star Wars because I thought Jar-Jar Binks was a riot.


    • tishmoon
      Oct 21, 2015 @ 18:07:24

      I can understand your point of view… if I was not raised on the ideal, complete with themes Wheaties and holiday costumes, I probably would not have such nostalgia to contend with… kind of like a memory of Grammie’s apple pie; nothing compares. =)

      That being said, the silly water-lizard with the lisp always annoyed me… found him way too attention-seeking for my tastes. Of course, one should not be analyzing the amphibians in movies, so there you have it. =)


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