wtf wednesday…

In keeping with the short-by-necessity posts of the school semester, I decided to run with this one… Punk and a lot of you all do Wordless Wednesday, but that would entail me snapping photos, and I srsly didn’t have time to both pee and eat this morning… lol… but no,  actually. =) And see how I threw Punky into the conversation ? Sorta makes me feel like I am kinda talking to, or commiserating with her this way. =)

So… here’s to my next new thing, namely “wtf wednesdays”…

Those little bits of inanity that don’t fit anywhere else ? Yup, now I have a place to dump them. While Wednesdays are usually pretty great, today broke the mold spectacularly. I am lucky if I pulled a 70% on my maths exam, as I was asked to vacate the premises due to my phone setting being on vibrate, but it going off 4 times in 5 minutes… no, no one is dead, but they may well be by the time I’m thru with them. Add to the fact that I threw up this morning, and when I went over to The Professor’s house to rant, my foxling comes out wearing an exact replica of the shit she begged me to get for her on her birthday, which his girlfriend bought for her as well, and hers got here first. Grr…

So many moments to choose from, but I’ma gonna need to go with my gut on this one. The winning moment of the day was after  my lab rat helper bumped into me, and I doused myself with TSA agar, I didn’t have gym clothes to change into so had to scrub off the front of my shirt as well as I could. Fast forward 2 hours to when I am in EVS class and outside in our wetland area, cataloging species. Still smelling faintly of rancid chicken bouillon-esque, I discovered first hand that wasps are attracted to that particular nectar. Yes, wasps. No, I was not bitten, just very put out…

So there you have it, my first wtf post. Hope your day was slightly more calm than mine. And if anyone feels like heading up this way with mojitos, LOTS of mojitos, I’ll leave the front door open… namaste, peeps !


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  1. Estella
    Sep 23, 2015 @ 18:29:06

    I actually used to like taking pictures. But usually my favorite subjects were people and I’m not the type of person that can just walk around taking candid shots of strangers. Plus there might be laws against that now with the internet and everything. I don’t know. So yeah, I am neither a prescriber to wordless Weds.

    I don’t know what TSA agar is, so I don’t think I really get your big moment there. Though the bouillon comment may infer soup? Is it soup? Please don’t make my laziness ask Google.

    And lastly, that part about your daughter’s ensemble that was bought by the girlfriend that came first, that sh*t would have me flipped. You are way cooler than me. I admire you for it.


    • tishmoon
      Sep 23, 2015 @ 20:42:29

      Howdy ! =)

      The TSA agar is a type of nutrient broth that you make into a gel like substance and you use it as a growth medium for bacteria. It is kind of stinky in a soothing way, like a chemical-ish bullion broth. =)

      And don’t think for a second that I’m cooler than you… I m just going to use my powers of mum-guilt to get her to clean the bathroom for the next month lmao ! =) The kiddo, not the girlfriend, btw… =)


  2. tishmoon
    Sep 24, 2015 @ 07:01:33

    BWAHAHA !!!!!!! =) =) In all actuality, she is a lovely girl, and I cannot blame her for getting my rotten foxlig something she asked for… it was just one of those “her-1, me-0” type of moments… =)


  3. Agatha Ann
    Sep 24, 2015 @ 11:44:13

    Love the idea of wtf wedneadays! Also, eeewww… Agar is gross… And hot!


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