Last Saturday, my power was out when the alarm pinged at 0500. I could not make coffee, so we spent a few extra minutes in the deep darkness and silence of the bedroom, lulled by the sound of rain beating on the windows.

Luckily I had made his lunch the night before, so I could simply grab everything out of the fridge and slam it shut again quickly, mimicking the action again to remove power-aid slushies from the freezer. The kitchen was aglow with apple and beach scented candles, the soft light just enough to do the trick. Such a peaceful morning…

After getting him into the truck with clean clothes and enough food to feed a minor army, I went back into the house and donned warm sweats, pondering what to do with a bit of time until I was either awake enough to run out to do laundry or sleepy enough to hit the sack for a few more hours. Movie ? Whoops, that takes electricity. Blog ! Erm, again, internet connection needed. Read ? Great… but not enough light from candles to read a book comfortably. Ah, no worries, try the iPad… which needs to be charged… sigh. Hot shower ! Or not, without the water heater working. Can’t make popcorn either…

I found myself stretched out on the bed, wrapped in warm blankets, watching the sunlight creep across the bedroom walls, shadows being brushed back ever so gently. I slowed my breathing, and listened to the lack of noise, beautiful without the hum and whirring of fridge, modem, fan, all manner of metal and plastic objects and their incessant chatter.

We are so dependent on electricity for everything now, it is stunning at how much my daily routine focuses around the magical and usually constant source. Even my music needs a connection to play from the cloud. If this were the 80’s, I would have had an oil lamp or something suitable from camping to light my reading, and would have listened to music on my walkman. Instead I got to spend a few luxurious minutes simply breathing, noticing, feeling, and being present…

This is a normal thing for me, but with the start of a new and challenging semester, my mindfullness practice has been replaced with hurried grocers trips and stops at CVS for the umpteenth time to get the foxling’s corrected script. Early morning musings at the coffee maker while he catches just a few more moments of sleep made way for lightening fast showers and coming home to a messy bathroom more days than not. Leisurely-made lunches packed with neatly towering sandwiches and fresh cookies for Paul ? Ah… a thing of the past; container filled with bagged salad and a seared chicken breast accompany a bag of doritos…

Rightly so, I packed away my summertime mojo along with bikini tops and towels still smelling of coconut oil after being washed and folded. However, it seems I have forgotten where I put my fall-school-organized-focused mojo. I keep catching glimpses of it, just around the corner, out of reach… but then I am distracted by 30second dance party or an interesting BBC video about Fidel and Ernesto. Ah, how did I adjust last year, she asks herself over yet another cup of coffee, chilling in the cool morning air ? The short answer is that I didn’t. =) Thoughts were then occupied by The Pilot, and the sandbox, and late night phone calls from a war zone. That this year finds me making dinner for Paul as he calls happily from the front room brings a wry smile to my sleepy visage. Yes, Bowie… ch-ch-ch-ch-changes… The ripples are indeed still there, just emanating from a different direction, and I am content to still be in the stream. =)

Moral of the story, some sort of a-ha moment ? Not really… just typing away at the glowing screen, a cathartic and familiar way to begin a Sunday before crawling into the depths of homework. I know that in about 2 more weeks, everything will gel and I will suddenly find myself effective again, mastering the daily tasks with my usual finesse, and no small amount of music in the background. I think I didn’t think about how much impact part-time cohabitation would have on my busy getting-back-to-school routine. Foxling, cheeky thing that she is, laughs as I realize I forgot to take a roast out of the freezer and we will be soup and salad for dinner rather than jalapeño and shallot braised beef. Luckily for me, she is about as picky as Paul, and they both would be more than happy with a bowl of Cinnamon Life cereal. While I save sinking to that level for finals week, I am loving their general attitude which enables me to be as hot of a mess as I need to be, for the duration.

Have a lovely day, peeps… will be back when I either: A) Get head removed from ass, or B) Manage to find that slippery mojo and enough time in my days again for writing. In the interim, know you are thought of, often and fondly… Namaste. =)


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