long enough…

It has been a beautiful spring and summer with Paul. We have gone from having coffee once a week to partial cohabitation with him sleeping here every Tuesday thru Friday. Chips and pico have been replaced with dinners, actual meals made of several dishes eaten off real plates at the table. Quick texting to evening phone calls during the rides home…

We have been together thru that learning phase, that brand new discover everything time that is so sparkly and bright as long as you are happy with what you are discovering. And just for the record, we are much pleased with the development. =) One could even say that we have been together long enough…

Long enough that I cannot recall, verbatim, our first conversation. Long enough that I can tell by the look on his face if he wants 1 or 2 yogurts for breakfast, or a bowl of cereal, or if this is going to be an omelette day. Long enough to know when he is sleeping fitfully, if I rub the center of his back and kiss his hair he will fall deeply asleep against me again, and not stir until the alarm goes off. Long enough that some small details have escaped me…

But also long enough to exactly what he likes for lunch, where we most like to shop, hike, and our fav beach. Long enough to know if I wear his fav Issey Miyake parfum, dinner will be late and need to be reheated. He knows by the timber of my voice if I have had a headache or a bad day. Knows by my embrace when he comes home if I need extra pampering that night.

And then there is the minutiae… that he likes 2 slices of lemon in his Corona, that I always eat berries while making dinner. That I listen to country music when I’m sad, that he will never ask for but loves a deep massage across his shoulder blades after a day in which he has to jackhammer to get to the lines. That we both get giggly when overtired, which has become our natural state. That we enjoy sharing a tile game on the iPad before bed, and I always go first and he always plays the last round. That we like the same minty green toothpaste with mini breath strips in it, and that he doesn’t mind if I use his razor in the shower, but he will give me a small ration of playful grief over it.

We are no longer separate, but are a couple in every sense of the word. He is happy about Mondays during the impending school year, because this means back to our Monday morning coffee and a few hours together in which to go out and play. Luckily I was able to schedule my semester around his work routine, which is solidly set in stone. My work hours overlap his, and when he is busy working on Saturdays and being with his daughter on Sundays, I will be able to complete most of my school work for the week in those 48 hours.

This is shaping up to be a good routine, a good relationship, a good life. It is hectic at times, but for the most part flows with an ease that The Professor and I never really had. It feels right, good, solid and strong. This is no Prius of a love affair, but more along the lines of the breathtaking 1963 Aston Martin DB5, that strong and beautiful, sleek and sensual, amazing mode of transport that makes me drool just thinking about it… hmm… Pavlov much ?!


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