and i jumped…

After thinking, dreaming, wanting, NEEDING to do so, I finally put in my 2 week notice at 0500 this morning. There was a teensy part of me that actually felt bad, like I was “letting them down”… ah… the ubiquitous “they”… they’ll get you every time. In truth, I have worked WAY longer than was needed for them to recoup their training expenses of me, have always taken EVERY shift and was always early… did not complain when my assignment got changed to the harder one because I was just the per diem gal… I picked up extra patients, did extra paperwork, and managed to do literally everything that was asked of me with a smile on my face. In short, every nurse absolutely adored me and requested me on their wing each shift, while the other PCT’s despised my hard working nature and assumed the only reason I had a work ethic was to make them look bad. At any rate, it is done, the wheels are turning, and the moment I sent the email and placed a hard copy in admin’s locked box, any reservation I had melted away and I felt a deep, abiding and immense sense of… YIIIPPPPEEEEEE !!!!!!!!!!

Instead of looking at my reworked budget with dismay, I am seeing a challenge. I found a few ways I can trim back a bit to make my new paltry wage from baby college stretch. And if eating spaghetti begins to bore me, I think it will be worth it to feel the cool dirt between my fingers and be able to study all weekend. =)

Tomorrow morning I am heading up to the campus to purchase books, and with no small amount of luck will manage to bring home everything I need in one trip. As I was copying my crn codes, I was daydreaming about finishing this degree and which rap program I am going to end up in. SO MUCH interests me, and I can see me flying in any one of about 31 directions. But first I need to apply to the specific bachelors department, and decide on a double major across 2 departments or just one with 2 minors. I know the workload is rather hefty either option, but if I am careful times infinity these next 24 months, I will be able to pay for summer classes and graduate in a semi-reasonable time frame. Thank all that is holy for the patience of The Professor… =) Something that caught my attention this week was the possibility of a degree concentration in Cognitive Brain Sciences. This encompasses psych, linguistics, philosophy, bio, computer sciences, etc. Sounds like an interesting way to integrate my varied passions into a cohesive whole, and with road school, the possibilities will be literally endless ! =)

In other news, I made a decision today today that while minor in the grand scheme of things, was a real step for me down the path I desire to take. I was faced with the possibility of doing something with family, and while discussing the plans, I realized I did not actually want to do this. There are members of my family I do not chose to be around for their inappropriate and verbally abusive behavior of my daughter, and this activity would have included that person. Rather than participate in the whole “ignore it and it’s gone” behavior typical of my gene pool, it struck me that I do not have to be near this person, and I do not have to feel guilty about it on any level. Breaking the ties that bind me to my family has always been an ongoing struggle for me, and it is with happiness I can report my mother and I have really learned to communicate and have a great relationship now. =)

This messy post needs to come to an end now, so I will leave you here. Have a lovely, peeps !



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  1. Alice
    Aug 16, 2015 @ 18:36:00

    I love listening to people working through choices and decisions that are bringing them closer to the Authentic Who that they are meant to be. So glad to be hearing your stories!


  2. tishmoon
    Aug 17, 2015 @ 00:11:51

    Aww… thanks ! =) As you may be able to tell by now, in TishWorld, I have a nickname for EVERYONE… am still trying to come up with a suitable one for you… =)

    One of my fav sentiments of all time is the following, that “One must let go of who they think they are in order to become the person they were meant to be”…

    I am totally a work in progress, and do so enjoy my bloody friends who seem to be just a touch ahead of me on the path… =)


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