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My thoughts are as jumbled as my emotions… ergo, I will not even attempt a cohesive post today. Suffice it to say until 5 minutes ago, I was sitting on the patio, elusive sunshine caressing me until I was almost purring. Even present coffee at my right, Moby floating out the open windows to play about my head. Noticing colors today, and wondering how I could have ever thought that I didn’t like green ?! I mean, look at all those shades, a palette straight from the Impressionists’ canvases during their days of debauchery floating down the Seine… sigh. Crisp outlines in some spots, watery waverings in others, this fairy land of my back yard mystifies me today. Just… sigh. I find my mind wandering to things like how a man’s hands can be simultaneously strong and gentle and scritchy in spots; the metronome-like rhythm of a sleeping man’s breath, barely brushing the back of one’s neck; how whiskers can be so soft, soft enough to not even leave marks on tender skin…

And halt ! Let’s get down to business… movies ! I can talk about movies today, yeah ! =) What genre do you favor, or are you an anything goes type of film lover ? Do you even enjoy cinema, or feel it is a waste of time ? So many variations on a theme…


*we know I am an fluid as the Nile, and depending on mood, my favorites are a never-ending progression, a reflection of what I am at that time. I am nothing if not evolution in practice ! So for now, these are my favs, and I could list about 627, but that would take way too long to read, so we will stick with 10… =)

1. THE PROFESSIONAL… cannot get enough of Jean Reno, man is an abject genius… =)

2. TAMPOPO… gods, what a beauty; hysterical, poignant, full of luscious food and sex. And it’s a Japanese comedy to boot… sheer perfection !

3. Angel-A… Luc Besson film, black and white, subtitles, violence, misunderstood angel, set in Paris… what’s not to love ?!

4. LOST IN TRANSLATION… come on, you knew this one would be on the list… the best thing about this movie, other than Scarlett and Bill, is that the more you watch it, the more it evolves in your mind. Plus… Bill Murray… yup. =)

5. LOVE, ACTUALLY… the logical follow-up to #4, this movie has literally the bast cast over assembled in one place. Bill Nighy is superb, at the top of his already illustrious game. Liam Neeson is beautifully perfect. Alan Rickman, swoon-worthy. Colin Firth, breathtaking. Martin Freemen, Billy Bob Thornton, Hugh Grant, Rowan Atkinson… christmas music, love everywhere… sigh.

6. SPEED RACER… this movie can only be watched if I have nothing to do for the rest of the day, because it is like heroine on acid for me! WOW ! The colors, the blazingly-fast movements, sound and light exploding off the screen every second ! Plus, there is an adorable chimp and Emile Hirsch and Christina Ricci to gaze at ! Just an explosion of over the top fun !

7. THE A-TEAM… omf… could it possibly get any better for an action-loving gal with a penchant for the ridiculous and men with big guns ? Liam again, bigger than life and sexier than the day is long… don’t even get me started here… suffice it to say that this is a fkn FABULOUS movie… !!!

8. GONE WITH THE WIND… there is nothing that I can say about this movie that has not already been said more eloquently and with more finesse.

9. TRON, 1 AND 2.. I know, this should count as 2, but you gotta watch them back to back… Jeff Bridges is such a brilliant actor, why is he not president of the universe ?! For fuck’s sake, let’s get with the program, people ! =)

10. TOTORO… ah… Studio Ghibli rescues my inner child and soul once again… this giant bunny-like tree spirit captures my mind, heart and soul like no other…

And there they are, in no particular order… I should say that GOON almost made the cut, what with Jay Baruchel’s over the top, gangsta-type character, and Seann William Scott along with Live Schreiber’s bad-assedness is almost too much for this gal to handle… =) Comments, please ! =)



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. NotAPunkRocker
    May 15, 2015 @ 10:59:35

    Great…except for that one movie. you know which one. 😀


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