words for the day… take 17

“How we show up for our partner is how we show up for ourselves, there is no difference. The more we can integrate this concept into our living and feeling experience, we will see how much of our struggle is for nothing.”     Tina Fossella

So very true…

As we meander thru our lives, we brush shoulders with beings who may end up with any of myriad roles to play in our unfolding story. You never know, as you are reaching for your tall, decaf, soy cappuccino, if the cute person who flashes you that irresistible grin will remain a stranger, or the one you end up spending years with. If the mechanic gave you that discount because they are interested, or if your kid’s teacher was merely being kind when he suggested another coffee together. You just never can tell… and that is what makes it all so interesting.

We cannot be narcissistic enough to imagine that everyone we walk beside will be at the same point in their journey, that their compassion and selflessness is a perfect foil for your own. We will find ourselves sometimes following, and at times walking beside, or even surging ahead as the path winds us thru our lives. We can even decide to step off the path, into the unknown and uncharted parts of ourselves to transcend the old and rise as yet another new being, that process we practice across the lifetimes and millennia.

Sometimes, we find a partner who is aligned with ourselves in a way that feels like coming home. Similarities and shared desires wrap you together in that ease, a familiar dance, an extension of yourself. And sometimes, we touch a soul that stops in our tracks. A good, kind, caring person who can recognize the faults within themselves. A person who has so much potential, you can fairly see the possibility swirling around them in colorful waves, beckoning you with promise…

How can someone who has so much good intent have so little love for themselves ? I am not talking about abusive behavior, but simply that they chose not to see the wonderful foundation that is there, and instead focus on all the cracks and crumbling spots. We all have this renovation to do in our houses, beginning with really seeing the not so beautiful bits, and then identifying ways to remodel that will serve our purpose. Our collective purpose, in reality… which is simply to love; to spread that balm of loving-kindness to every creature we come in contact with, and create a world of beauty and peace.

I am a girl who sees the sunshine and possibility in even the darkest of storm clouds. I know that everything is acting according to its nature, and that it would be cruel and unrealistic to expect otherwise. I am empathetic and have learned to surround myself with beings that do not drain me to the point of causing me to behave unauthentically at my core. As I meander my own path, I have learned to look for nothing, and instead accept with gratitude those who grace me with their presence. And every now and again, someone comes along who makes me want to reach out for their hand, and embrace it while we walk together for a time. And if it suits our mutual purpose, holding onto this larger hand as we explore life together is an amazing, unexpected development that merely highlights the gift we are given each day that we wake to the rising sun… the chance, the opportunity to  live, and love… to share space and time and breath with one another.

I am rambling this morning, my thoughts meandering as much as my feet are wont to do. I leave you with this thought… the next time you are interacting with the one you love, notice what you are doing, saying, implying. If there is less compassion and love in your actions than you would like, you know where to turn… inward.



3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. NotAPunkRocker
    Apr 08, 2015 @ 09:19:12

    Good advice to remember 🙂


  2. tishmoon
    Apr 08, 2015 @ 10:27:33

    Ah… I am a veritable font of informative ideas today… =) Loving your bloggy postings as well.. =) =) Have a wonderful day, my Punky friend !


  3. tishmoon
    Apr 08, 2015 @ 10:28:22

    Can you all see that icon thingy near my name in th above comment ?! Is that a dancing chicken ?! =)


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