holiday season wish list…

I am caught up with work… shh… don’t tell, I am sure the devious professors have spies and would just love to spring an added assignment on us before the term’s end. BUT, for now, today, I am happy with every little thing. SO… what to do with free time ? My boys are too much bother, having to shave and primp and all, so I have my brother stopping by with his family later for cookies and coffee. For now, I should be doing something productive, but would rather just hang out with you all and watch some trashy telly. Speaking of, the new season of American Horror Story is on Nexfilx ! I can’t watch that at night, too spooky for me, so I am settling down on the couch to enjoy an episode now. Kathy Bates… freaky as HELL! =) Also, Angela Basset and Gabourey Sidibe are in this season… wow ! Excited by the talent and hoping the sexy Kit from Season one will make an appearance.

So… what to blog about ? I am munching on fresh green beans, ops norm, and easy to eat while typing. Coffee is by my side, lest you forget whose blog you are reading. =) I am in no mood to be dramatic, or deep today, my poor brain just is not up to the task. So I will go a little more typical and talk about… THE HOLIDAYS !!!! First of all, let me just say… GAH ! I am not a fan of Christmas, but do have fairy lights surrounding my windows all year around. I cannot stand the idea of Santa, or relatives coming out of the woodwork to throw gifts at you when they cannot talk to you the other 364 days of the year. I hate the fact that between Halloween and January first, you cannot go shopping without being bombarded by crowds… BUT… I do so love the Solstice. =) That magical day in December when the tides turn, and the days begin to be a wink longer. The sun, even if it is absent for months on end, will shine for brief moments longer, and days begin to resemble days again. It signifies renewal for me, and to me, this is when my year officially begins. SO looking forward to spending the day celebrating with my dear foxling. She will be with The Professor for Christmas, so our time is important to her. While I usually like to do a few small, special gifts, this year is our last one together, so I decided to go a bit more all out. She will be so surprised, as we had agreed that 2 gifts apiece were perfect for the 2 of us. Instead, she will be greeted with some treats she needed, and some just for fun. I have finished shopping for her, and this is what she is receiving..

A beautiful grey bathrobe adorned with fluffy, white sheep. tres adorable !… a straightening iron for her luscious curls… sob… a box of imported chocolates… a bath set from Bath and Body works, including scrubs and lotion, all manner of goodies… fluffy sox… and a stocking full of snacks, nuts, popcorn, a candle, perfume… =) She is going to actually be surprised ! YAY ! I know this constitutes a “regular” holiday haul, but for her and I, this past year has been about small, and meaningful. Our celebration will instead be a bit more extravagant, but I think she will forgive me on this occasion. =)

Though I rail against it at every turn, I am an American Girl, and as such, think I will make a list of things that I would love to find under our bitty tree come Dec 21st.


First and foremost… to finally be in The Soldier’s arms, safe and home…Of course, we all know the likelihood of that happening anytime soon is approximately 1 in 267 billion. As I do not feel like crying and ruining my nice mascara, we will go for a list comprised of more commercial desires….

1. Cowboys charms !! =) You should be able to see how damned adorable these two are… AMAZINGLY so ! =) I just LOVE Dem Boys… ! =) Will go so nicely with the items I already have.

5a294e4b4763d765eb737a939025e169 b1555d2cd4cac33fb70f66ed0a9f823f


2. The most adorable Rainbow Burro babies were created for Mr. Evil Squirrel, and as I cannot cause 2 crochet hooks to create anything but noise, I am shamelessly begging their creator to allow me to purchase some of her talent. =) If anyone else can make anything as great as these little guys, let me know. I am hopelessly in love ! =) And besides, I always wanted to say “look at my rainbow ass”… lol

3.  Burts Bees Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum Butter… you know how Chapstick tends to make your lips flakier or something ? This little baby will produce silky smooth lips after just a few days of use. I tell everyone to try it, most amazing stuff ever ! And a lot cheaper that the comparable Marc Jacobs Lip Conditioner… but if you have an eye for the more extravagant, try that one. Will not disappoint. =)

That is all I can some up for wants, other than a new car. =) I think I can make it until the spring lease sales go into effect, and am hoping to get into a Subaru Crosstrek Limited, either in orange or that pearly, grass green. =) It sits quite a bit higher than the other cars on the market, and gets great mileage, as well as being a 4 wheel drive, which is necessary in my winding, snowy part of the world. =)

For general gift ideas, there are a few things that are almost universally welcome…

1. NFL gear, fav team merchandise, a gift card for s special fan…

2. Gift cards to Bath and Body Works, iTunes, or Applebees. You can find one close to about anywhere, and these three cover food and drink, music and perfume. =) What more does a girl, or guy, for that matter, need ? =)

3. Anything from Williams Sonoma. Cooking items galore, great-smelling dish soaps, good-quality linens, and even iPad stands and cover. I could basically live there… =)

4. Pilates, Ballet or Aerobic workout dvd’s. This may sound weird, but I LOVE to workout, and during the terrible winter months, am actually GLAD for a wide variety of dvd’s to choose from, to keep my ass in shape as well as keeping me from going crazy. =) Plus, they help burn off the calories that one is exposed to while spending the Applebees gift cards. =)

Again… that’s all I’ve got. =) I hope this post can serve to bring give you an idea or two, or at least bring a smile to your face. Have a great weekend, and I will be back more frequently now that the semester is almost over. Have a lovely ! =)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. NotAPunkRocker
    Dec 07, 2014 @ 14:30:13

    I am considering my Christmas list. I just want a sexy Santa to deliver on it :0)


  2. tishmoon
    Dec 07, 2014 @ 23:08:29

    Ooh, maybe I can revise my list ! =) You always have the BEST ideas… =)


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