boys say the sweetest things…

The Australian is actually a 40something dad of a grad student here at UConn, and actually a surfer from Australia. Of course, he does have a day job, investments, which allows him to be in CT for his son’s final semester and plenty of time to have heaps of fun. The tall, blond with tousled locks, tan from head to toes, walking advert for sex… wearing ratty hemp bracelets and patchouli scented shirt and all… have not spoken of him because if I wrote of every potential dalliance that crosse my path, then I would have a book so far, lol ! At any rate, saw him at the laundry center this morning, and he yelled “Holy shit mates, she’s here !!” and swooped over to me in 4 long strides to grab me up and twirl me in a hug, my legs swinging outward due to his impressive height. Even though we have spoken a few times there, I completely didn’t trust myself to give him my number, so our meetings are always chance. We walked over to Starbucks for a coffee and instead of studying, I spent the hour and a half listen to the lilt of his voice as we discussed kids, dance floors and our fav international beaches.

He asked me to dinner this evening, but again… tall, blonde, surfing Australian, who is gorgeous, too ?! Hells no… I’d be out of my knickers quicker than one could ask for vegemite on toast ! Leaving it up to chance is so much fun, besides. =) And the re-virginizing for The Soldier is going quite well, minor setbacks only, so there is that to consider. Blush…

As he was leaving, he turned to me and says “For fuck’s sake”… and comes to stand in front of me, close enough so I can smell the clove gum on his breath… He grabs my shoulders softly and bends over… in a daze, I just let it happen… WOW !! That was a kiss, let me tell you. Of the foot in the air variety. Calloused hands running fingers thru back of hair, caressing side of cheeks, one arm wrapping around waist, nibbles to neck and back again to capture my lips… Sighing against his broad chest, I told him I’d see him next week. Releasing me suddenly enough that I did that little shaky-leg thing we do, he laughed and smiling as he went out the door, called back over his shoulder “See ya then, Shelia!” And Ronan says I am crazy to shower and do my hair and before I go there every weekend at the crack of dawn… HA !

Apparently I need to add to my rules…


167. Don’t snog sexy men from the Laundry.  (better add on to this one…)

168. Don’t sleep with sexy men from the Laundry. (erm…)

169. Don’t date or otherwise engage, outside of premises, sexy men from the Laundry. There, that should do it. =)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. NotAPunkRocker
    Nov 15, 2014 @ 19:56:49


    sorry, but it was kind of imperative I put that question out there with the seriousness it deserves!


  2. tishmoon
    Nov 15, 2014 @ 20:11:38

    August… my time of getting rid of The Boy… was totally vulnerable and feeling like I was never gonna attract another man again, and thinking how foolish I was being… doing laundry and dancing around one morning at the center at 0545… in walks The Australian, in board shorts and taks, tanned to within an inch of his life, tribal ink fairly dripping don his back one left leg… of COURSE I stopped mid-twirl and just stared… Then he says “Aw, Shelia, don’t stop on account of little old me !” and it was downhill from there. =) He was carrying his clothes in an old suitcase with stickers all over it… died from cuteness, and he is just ridiculously smart, so the brain sex is great although the real thing is off the menu… =)


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