put your hands into the fire…

Dear WordPress, you bloggy, controlling freak of a master…

Can we have another button for comments, PLEASE ?! Sometimes, “LIKE” just doesn’t cut it, what we really want is “Damn, that shit’s mad crazy, yo!” Thanks in advance…

Nothing new on the “open mouth, choke all the way up to thigh” front.. I am told that no news is good news, and hope this applies not only to The Soldier ACTUALLY getting on a transport and ACTUALLY making it stateside before I’m 100, but also to things better left unsaid. Again, my eternal optimism shining thru… either I am adorable, or a foolish nincompoop… the jury is still out; will keep you posted.

My corner of the world was bathed in sheets of cleansing rain this morning, washing away all the leaves, dirt and stupidity. It was with a lighter heart that I left the house this morning at 6:05 to do laundry, get groceries and visit a friends aunt who is in a skilled rehabilitation facility. I was soaked by the time I made it into Dorothy’s room; her M&M bags soggy in my pocket and the flower I brought bent over with wet. We toweled off the plant, dried my shoes with the hair dryer and spread out her candy so she could sort them by color. She had fallen a few days ago, and her arm was a mess of contusions and a bandage as well. I asked the nurse for gloves, fresh bandage, lotion and antibiotic cream and took her into her bathroom to fix up that poor arm. When we were through, her skin was no longer dry, her bandage was clean and neatly applied with plasters and her earrings matched her necklace. If one believes in such things, my good deeds bank got a lovely little deposit today and it felt damn fine to spend an hour in a closed wing, heat whooshing in thru vents, quiet and away from that nerve-wracking world of pilots, and extractions, and interrogations. I could hear the heart monitors from the next room, and the sound of nurses and aids padding back and forth, soothing in their hurried rhythm.

Nearing time for sustenance, I finished up my schoolwork for the day… that is an oxymoron because the work is NEVER done, only kept ahead of in varying degrees. At least my jeans are all washed and lined up in a neat row for the week’s adventures. The happiest bit of it all is that they are looser than last week and I hope by the end of the month to be in a smaller size. Thank gods that Bradley took back possession of the carbs, I would have been the size of a fire engine by Monday had he not stopped me… =) Still too soon, so instead of a lovely, how about we settle for a quiet, a peaceful, an introspective ? Not a bad way to spend a rainy night alone…


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