i understand it is not the fashion to think and act the way I do…

Got your attention with that one, right ? =)

SO… for all of you who get Brazilian waxes, have you ever thought about getting it lasered off, once and for all ?! Cannot POSSIBLY hurt as much as the wax and I hear it really does work, imagine never having to trim the hedges again… sigh of happy pleasure there. The cost is prohibitive right now, but to have smooth, silky skin never again ravaged by razor bumps or, gods forbid, the occasional nick… am thinking I can save and should do it ! Any boy readers have it done, the waxing I mean ? A lot of guys like to be smooth and hair fee as well, and I think if you are confident with whatever you are rocking, it is sexy as hell. =) Thoughts ? Landing strip shapes particular suited to the older set ? Wouldn’t want the old heart, way too mature for that…

Speaking of way too personal stuff, I am seriously rocking my tan right now and my boobs are SO WHITE ! The Boy is loving it and wanted to snap photos, but I figured I am on Facebook enough… So, that got me to thinking, wouldn’t it be nice if there was somewhere, like at the mall, where you could go in and get some “girl shots” taken ? Nothing below the belt, mind you, have to draw the line somewhere. But just really sexy boob shots for those special guys in your life, or girls, depending on which team you bat for. I cannot ask my ex or his girlfriend, I would be ok with it but shit just got really weird again with them and I am too tired and busy to work on that right now. Cannot ask the guy friends who want in my knickers… that is just mean. Cannot ask The Boy because I have zero self control with that one and am sure things would degenerate into Penthouse-style movies within minutes. =) Cannot ask daughter because of the illegal factor, not to mention the ICK factor… talk about therapy bills… ! SO… who has seen me at my most vulnerable, embarrassed, spread-eagle holding it apart self ?! YES ! The gal who does the waxing ! A little too weird for me to ask, though, and since she is gay, that could lead to some other situation…

At a loss here, just wanting to surprise someone with a little peek… and trust me when I say a selfie in that position is REALLY hard to get a pretty snap of… yep, tried for a couple of hours over the last few days. No dice. =) My friend who just got stationed in Alaska said she would do them, but that is a little far to drive for drinks and nakie photos. Again, what’s a girl to do ?

Better go now, must finish dishes and other domestic-goddess type activities.  LONG week ahead, lots of fun, responsibility, work and the like. Am happily humming along here, hope you are as well. Have a lovely ! =)


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. NotAPunkRocker
    Aug 24, 2014 @ 18:36:06

    There are places that do pinup shoots, so I am sure there are ones that do artistic, tastefully “boob shots”. 🙂

    I hate to think how much lasering would cost and how many sessions it would take! But, my chances of getting laid are nil at the moment, so nobody is going to comment on a nick here or there. 😀


  2. tishmoon
    Aug 24, 2014 @ 18:51:50

    You are probably right, but the thought of paying someone who gets the treat of looking at my boobs as well is just wrong… =)

    Lasering is not cheap, but everyone I talked to who had it done said one or 2 treatments is all it takes, then you are good, FOREVER ! =) And you underestimate your powers of seduction, my dear Punky… =)

    Besides, boys seeing the nicks are not the issue with me, it is the fact that I ALWAYS manage to cut myself, ALWAYS ! Just a tad here or there, but enough to HURT and bother me for days afterwards. I was talking to the girl who cuts my hair and she uses a new blade every single time she goes down there… and shaves every other day. That would cost more that the payment plan for the laser ! =)

    At any rate, thanks for chiming in… =) Waiting to see if I hear from Bradley, he seems like the kind of guy who would totally have an opinion on this kind of fun thing ! =)


  3. El Guapo
    Aug 24, 2014 @ 19:56:10

    Google bedroom photos or boudoir photos and your zip codes, and you should be able to find pros who do that sort of thing while putting you at ease.


  4. tishmoon
    Aug 24, 2014 @ 20:20:17

    Thanks,Guap… did just that and found a place nearby… =) You sound informed, have you and some taken perhaps ?! =) Just playing, of course ! =)


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