seriously… ?!

Men are such sodding idiots, the lot; terribly unfair that our choices are them, girls or beastiality… the last option being so foul that spell-check will not recognize it as being a word, even. Must research and find suitable substitution. Being over 19 and not in a sorority, I am past the “fortune cookie” stage, although there are a few women who could give me a run for my money, like Helena Bonham Carter… admittedly prefer Colin Firth any day of the week.

What brought on this disgust of half the population ? The 3 of them ! Yes, proud of self, gotten rid of the most unsuitable and down to three… one for play, one for beer and ballgames and one for the future. Not counting The Professor, as he has vacated the premises and pays rent, leaving him the exception to the rule stated above. More on him later, for now, getting back to the fuckwits…

All 3 of them in the past week have made references to me about HAVING ANOTHER CHILD !! Seriously, WTFF ??!! If they know me at ALL, which they do, and if they have ever spoken to me for more than 10 seconds, which they have, they would know, WITHOUT a doubt, that this will NEVER HAPPEN ! My business is a one way street, nothing deposited and the only thing coming outta there is pee. Period, end of story. Huh, like that period reference there ? Didn’t even plan that, but I digress…

My age, my desires, the fact that the only child I brought alive to term almost killed me and the probability of Downs, Anencephaly, low birth weight, pre-term birth, placenta previa, miscarriage and a host of other surprises makes this an absolute NO for me. NOT for a second is this up for debate. I am not Halle Berry, nor do I even like children, with exception of my own (most days) and a select few others, on a case by case basis.

The Boy thought we would have a “beautiful baby” and could see me settling down with him and staying here in CT forever, if I would just “give in” to it… Promptly hung up on him and his access to my knickers has been temporarily revoked.

The Friendly Drunk thinks along a similar vein, but is older and already has house and money, but comes with 2 kids of his own, who I have refused to even MEET, let alone make costumes for their school pageants and cook for them… for fuck’s sake, I don’t even cook for myself !

Ah, and then there is The Maybe… I could see myself falling for this one. I am crushing on him so badly, and he is just about perfect… of course, does live in another country, so not a lot of chance anything real developing anytime before I am on social security… I will give him credit, however, for not assuming or even asking, but bringing it up merely as the slightest possibility that could be met with happiness instead of trip to Planned Parenthood. Shot down immediately, he was contrite… was rewarded with access to my knickers, but tickets are too dear just now, sigh.

BUT… and there is always someone who breaks the mold, we get back to The Professor. Things have progressed to a whole new level of weirdness at my new, close proximity to his new life. Not uncomfortable, per se, just a mindfuck some days. The kids are happily loving it, except when they aren’t. I would say the same for the adults involved, but we are not an overly communicative bunch most days.

The move, the movers, the truck, storage fees, school fees, uniforms, extra cleaning supplies, school clothes, private school tuition downpayment and books have REALLY stretched our combined budget this month. Truth be told, I am surprised there is any budget left, after the cluster fluff that was July and early August. Since December we have not had any issues and I manage quite well to stay within the confines of the situation and even get ahead on bills, dentists and the like. But these last 2 months I am stretched t…h…i…n… Considered it a challenge until checking account fell below $200, at which point went apoplectic and hid in bath with half-bottle of gin, muttering about the insanity of the decision to move here…

Always, the sun returns and security deposit was returned from old house, at which point The Professor immediately asked how much I needed and deposited funds into account mere minutes later. Funny thing is, after a few months to regain footing, will be much easier here and know it, but sometimes one cannot see the forest for the trees… so for everyone out there who has an ass-wipe for an ex, know there are decent men out there trying to make it better for the ones they left behind.

I will leave you on a lighter note… Punky, this one’s for you… I have NO idea why you popped into my head seeing the cartoon, and it was NOT because of the “lady of the night” reference, because you know I hold you in the highest of esteem ! Maybe it was the silky hair, would LOVE green hair, but would look like Kermit and scare children… Hmm… this could be a good look for me if the whole nursing thing falls thru… We are”twisted sisters” here, and today, I will admit to being the warped one… you can have tomorrow ! =)



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. NotAPunkRocker
    Aug 23, 2014 @ 13:57:02

    Thanks? LMAO *saves picture to “need a smile” gallery*

    Boys are weird. And I am right there with you on the money thing.


  2. tishmoon
    Aug 23, 2014 @ 14:07:14

    Terribly proper of you, Punky… I applaud your restraint. And you are so very welcome ! =) hahaha ! =)

    Men are insane. Enough said. =)

    Enjoy your day… eat a TON of yummies in my honor ! =)


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