my part-time cat…

Our new digs are arranged in a clearing in the woods, tiny buildings around a cul de sac in the shape of a stretched out teardrop. It is a good place to be, a community where children play and outside cats roam, frogs sing in the trees and people wave at you as you walk to get the mail. It is safe and comfortable here and after just a few nights of crying myself to sleep full of doubts, I feel more at ease and home than I have felt since we left CA.

Our home is just like a real home, but smaller. =) It is clean, charming and a bitty place, you can be in the tub and see out the living room window, if you leave the door open and are so inclined. The Bad ? The cabinets are halfway between Brady Bunch circa 1972 and cabin in the woods death scene, and really freak me out if I think about it long enough. The Good ? New carpet, new blinds and a new screen door coming next week. And it takes me less than 1/2 an hour to clean the whole house, so it is a keeper. There is not a lot of counter space, so I finally caved and bought a MINI in a bright teal color… love this new addition to our home, may become my favorite family member. After all, it gives me coffee and doesn’t talk back. =)


The back porch is brand new, just up to code and still smelling of fresh-cut planks. There is exactly enough room for our patio set and plants, and gives us a beautiful spot to drink coffee in the sun. We have had company out there for several days now, a gorgeous cat named George who seems to be shared by a few families. He was shy at first but quickly became used to my voice as I told him how perfect and cuddly he is, and such a fine specimen to pet. He has been warming up to me, and yesterday he finally caved in and jumped on my lap, purring away happily as I scratched his tummy and neck. He stayed up with me for a long while, and at one point, a dragonfly landed on his back. He didn’t seem to mind, gazing sleepily at it before laying his head back down to snooze a bit longer. A short while passes, and he stretched lazily then arranged himself under the chair and around the ferns to have a real nap. A few hours later I brought him some shreds of tuna and the juice it was packed in, and he awoke and stuffed his fat face in the tin ! =) I am glad I finally found something to tempt him with, but at $5 a can, this cat’s taste is too discerning for the likes of me. I wish I had known this yesterday as I was out on the front porch in the wee hours of the morning in my polka dot nightie, tossing cat treats at him, much to the amusement of my neighbors.

securedownload securedownload-1

I finally bit the bullet and bought my school supplies, which consist of low rent but way over-priced scrubs, totally fashionable white kicks (NOT !), and a few notebooks. I ordered books and realized I need to figure out lunches for a month, but am happy that parking is free this semester.


And lastly, here is a snap of The Boy on one of his bikes… this is the one he let me borrow yesterday to zip up and down winding roads… I had forgotten how much of a speed freak I was ! In a car I never feel safe, but on a bike with the wind whipping around me like a hug, now that is another story entirely. Al and I are thinking of a mini break somewhere tropical with cliffs to hang-glide off… I have not been in many, many moons and find I am craving the rush. =)


So, I am back, I am happy and I am enjoying this summer immensely. My foxling and I have spent some quality time together and I will regale you with those adventures and photos in another post. For now, suffice it to say we are doing very well indeed. I wish you all the same… have a lovely ! =)




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