cold beer and a movie…

This was an interesting evening… my friend Scott and I went hiking, ate some food and watched a movie. It was peaceful, but I could tell he was totally hoping to upgrade from his “no-chance-of-benefits” status. Why can’t they just listen to you and believe you actually MEAN what you say ? But that seems to be the only speed bump our friendship is encountering, so it’s all good. =)

We enjoyed our time outside, and I was so happy that the weather was a lot cooler than the report was promising… we came back here and ate some fresh spring rolls and tofu and cucumber soup. Everything was cold and very refreshing, so of course we decided to negate all that exercise we got and the healthy food by drinking and sitting on our ass watching a movie. He brought some watermelon ale, which I was not even going to try on principle. Surprisingly, it was really yummy and I am NOT an ale drinker, but I guess this was frou-frou and light enough for me.

We watched “Drift” on Netflix… BEST. MOVIE. EVER. ! =) It is about the beginning of the surf industry in the 70’s, and was so awesome, great story, plenty of plot to keep even a self-proclaimed landlubber like Scott entertained.

While we were watching, guess who called ?! Yes, my vampire in shining tool belt… I did not want to blow him off, but at the same time was enjoying the quiet evening and did not want to blow off my friend here. What is a girl to do ? Sneak into the bathroom after an appropriate interval and text my brains out for 5 minutes… =) 9 days until the huge job is complete and then maybe I can enjoy the dregs of the summer being spoiled with copious amounts of french food. Not that I am counting or anything…

I washed the dishes and pulled on sweats, as the house is totally freezing, and there is no way I am closing the windows and missing this cold air. =) The Boy called for a minute, and now I am just relaxing, watching trashy telly and waiting for the my eyes to get droopy enough to warrant the treck up to my bed. I put some lotion on my feet and enveloped them in thick socks, but the scent is bothering my head and I am thinking a hot shower would get rid of the flowery smell and maybe calm me down enough to actually fall asleep before 2 am. We shall see…

I got all the closets upstairs emptied earlier today and took out a literal ton of recycling. The lion’s share of the work is done, and with The Professor coming over tomorrow to remove things from the walls, I think Saturday just may go a little easier than previously anticipated. Just about 39 more loose ends to tie up and we will be on our way. =) Truth be told, it is a little disconcerting at times, cleaning and realizing how little is really here. Looking at all the bins lining the dining room, and knowing that when my foxling leaves in a few years, my portion of our belongings will be even smaller. I am growing into the girl I was long ago, and it is weird, to say the least. I feel more like her every day, but when I look in the mirror, I only see the barest glimpse of that free spirit. Every day and with every pound lost, I can feel her bubbling to the surface and I hope I can be a great mother and the person I want to be simultaneously. Story of the ages, right ? =) But the craziest part of this move was seeing the art The Professor picked out for our house on the walls of their new place, and seeing that it fits so perfectly ! Like, it was bought for the space… weirdly appropriate, huh ? Like it was always where he was going to end up. I was not troubled by this realization, but oddly comforted, like things are sliding into place. =)

I am gonna go now, climb into that hot shower I mentioned and think about french cuisine… have a lovely !


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