I was stretching out this morning, after a short but intense workout session. I was sitting on my newish, uber-grippy yoga mat and had one leg extended, the other bent and I was holding my foot, rotating the ankle and stretching my foot and arch, folding to and fro. I looked down at my still chubby things and far from slender knees, toward my feet, with their shiny, red-glossed toes. My range of motion is growing daily, and I am remembering how my body used to look about a million years ago when I danced… My feet would swell, of course, and my toes would bleed after particularly intensive training sessions, but my ankles were so slender, with not a spider vein to mar their appearance. My upper body has always been less strong than my lower, and I was powerfully built from the waist down. My hips were always wide, even at a mere 101 pounds. I was always a curvy skinny girl, if that makes much sense…

So, while contorting my feet into the old positions, I sat with erect spine and wondered how much of my old form I could recapture, with intensive work and a lot of pain… Is it necessary for me to get to a specific weight, a specific elasticity, to again be completely comfortable in my own skin ? No, not really, but I DO have some real goals in mind. I was talking to my PT guy yesterday, and he says if I can manage to train without injuring knees or hips, lose another 25 pounds and maintain my current rate of increased flexibility, I should be able to dance well into my 70’s ! There are many studios in this state that have small classes for older students, and there is no reason right now not to put that on my wish list. And it certainly is a lot safer that bouldering. =) So when I talk about getting smaller, it is not just to fit into some random size jeans… but to fit into a way of life that centered me, kept me motivated and healthy. A word of advice; if you are passionate about some type of hard-core exercise routine, PLEASE do it sooner than later… your joints will thank you for it.

In the library last week, I picked up a book about the French Revolution and spent a few moments flipping thru the pages, reading lines and I really enjoyed it… then put it down because my damned phone began to ring, which only happens when I am busy, it seems. SO now I have forgotten the title, and think the cover was red, or blue, maybe grey… sigh. Will go later this week and try to grab it, maybe the fates will be with me and I will luck out.

I mentioned in passing the other day the possibility of a thru-hike in the Appalachians. I would only choose that range because of the close proximity to where I live, and how relatively inexpensive 2 months on the trails would be. I was chatting with old friends last night, and they reminded me that I desperately wanted to hike in Romania some dozens of years ago. Yes, that is still #1 on my hiking dream sheet, but is so insanely cost prohibitive for the time being. I would love to go when I am out of school and working, maybe if I can take 2 weeks off together, it would be feasible. The Retezat range has a lot of  variety, and is appealing to me. It is in the Southern Carpathians, and has several glacial lakes in which to play and explore. What I really need to do is win a huge lottery or find some rich patron who would throw bags of money at me to travel, write and photograph my way around the world. =)

Well, we have about 2 weeks until we are moving into the new apartment, and have yet to sign a lease or get a firm move in date. I will leave yet ANOTHER message, and hope the actual move will come off without a hitch… highly unlikely, but a girl can dream. =)

I better go, have a lot of running around to do today and should cook something for dinner as one cannot live on Lean Cuisine alone. I am feeling watermelon, fresh green beans and popcorn. I have chicken in the freezer I can cook up with lemon and parsley and that should last me the next 2 days. Enjoy your day, and have a lovely !





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. NotAPunkRocker
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 15:37:26

    But, some of those Lean Cuisines are good!

    I am considering trying yoga during my “me” time, but I also would love to try a barre workout or adult ballet class. I just worry about making a spectacle out of myself, like one of the dancing hippos in Fantasia.

    One of my good friends and her husband are hiking the Appalachian Trail now! They drove up to New Jersey and are hiking in sections until they get back home to VA.


  2. tishmoon
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 16:03:46

    I know, right ?! =)

    Yoga is awesome, and a barre class is unbelievable, but I have none in the area, an dam not willing to pay for it, anyhow. =) And no worries about how you look, that is why we adults do classes separately from the skinny, bendy, young girls. =)

    So cool that your friends are hiking now, very cool ! I love getting out there, and just sweating up a storm, then jumping into cool water to rinse off ! =)

    Have a great day, talk to you soon ! =) =)


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