Good morning… can you all remind me again of why I do not want one of those stupid Keurig machines ? I know, I recycle almost everything that I bring into the house, and while the serving cups are a selling point, the waste made me cringe. I now know if you pull the tops off and dump the grounds out and rinse the cup, BAM, you can recycle the cups. =) One negative down, one to go. Now for the insane cost… WOW ! My sweet, little French Press was affordable, is made of recycled glass and can be recycled when I am done with it. The behemoth is full plastic, takes up a TON of space and is ridiculously expensive. Not to mention you cannot recycle it. YIKES !

The conundrum here is that I REALLY want just one, single, great cup of coffee a day that does not give me a headache or entail me grinding beans several mornings a week. With the Keurig, it is simple to pop it in, and presto ! One cup, ready quickly and without fuss. Sure, I would rinse the cups out, but can do that while I am making dinner later in the day. The Peet’s Anniversary Blend that The Professor has been making for me every time I visit is just so delicious… deep, rich, lots of happy-making caffeine to make my head sing… sigh. I am so conflicted. Isn’t it funny tat I feel conflicted over spending money on a coffee pot or not ? How silly ! =)

When I got up today, the wind was blowing cool air around the house. Within an hour, the breeze disappeared and now the house is humid, damp floor mats and all. Ick… do not love a damp floor. It is a wonder all my books are not curled at the edges. But what a beautiful summer it has been ! These chilly nights and damp mornings, the desperately hot afternoons and thunderstorms every week or so. Moody, almost violent weather makes my skin tingle and it is so nice that when one pattern just gets to be way too much, it all changes so you never get bored. =)

My foxling has begun reading “The Scarlett Letter”, which she is loving already. She adores Literary Analysis and we had many discussions while she was home recently. She is beginning to have a deeper understanding of life, and is developing her now opinions about events, as well as becoming more conscious of the world around her. This is such a magical time, adolescence… we make it into such a negative time, but it is their first real awakening and I am loving watching and listening to her. I am really listening to her ideas and trying to respect the choices she is making… sure, she can be an eye-rolling pain in the ass, but by allowing her to really think and acknowledging her as a valid person who has the right to speak, she is opening up and really sharing ! =) It is reminiscent of her taking her first steps; the determination that furrows her brow is indescribably cute, though I would never tell her that, of course. I wish as a society, we could embrace this time of change, allow children to start to mold who they want to become. If I have the right, as a 40something, to express myself then why shouldn’t my 13 year old girl have the same freedom ?

I am rambling here, so it is time to go… enjoy the sunshine, and have a lovely !


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. NotAPunkRocker
    Jul 14, 2014 @ 13:43:49

    I got the kidlet a Keurig for Christmas a few years ago because he likes coffee, I don’t and that way the little cups stay fresh until he uses them. Depending on what’s going on, he may drink it every day or just once in a while, so that was my rationale. Less wasted coffee.

    The Scarlet Letter….I think I blocked most of my memories of that one!


  2. tishmoon
    Jul 14, 2014 @ 14:18:32

    thanks for your input, you are so right about the freshness factor ! =)

    Ooh… read it again if you have the chance… one of the few women hero’s in the literature of the time, Hester was a complete badass and did not let anyone take advantage of her… a really strong woman. =) Plus, that idiot she is married to gets his comeuppance, which is ALWAYS a good thing in a book ! =)


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