by the numbers…

0… number of pounds lost this week… should be furious with myself, but am too tired to care much, and I did not INCREASE, so that is something. July not yielding the numbers I want thus far, so am committed to getting 2 extra workouts this week. Does not sound like much, but with the schedule I have right now, there is no way I am penciling in more than 6 days of training this week. Have these fantasies about thru-hiking the Appalacian Trail, should take just one summer if one is motivated enough… ! =)

$11,961… the amount of debt I now owe… yes, that skyrocketed fast ! Am seriously freaking about the balance, as the car is now making weird noises and feels a bit wonky. I am hoping against hope to get another year out of her before she completely blows up…

$159.65… total I spent on gas this past week. Madness !

9 1/2… how many hours this past week I spent driving in the car…

14… number of pages in the Student Handbook that LS sent to my foxling !!!! =) Interesting stuff, very cool opportunities including clubs, pen pals and onine communities she can join. She is so gonna love this ! =) =)

510… how many calories I have eaten so far today.

2,000-3,000… how many more calories I am planning on eating later while indulging in a “Six Feet Under” marathon. Just kidding; well, mostly… =)

31… blissful minutes spent soaking up the sun on a blanket, listening to New Order and smiling.

5… number of chipmunks that ran across the yard while I was sunbathing… they chittered at me in a scolding manner, and I think I was reclined smack in the middle of their trails. =)

2 1/4… number of peaceful hours I spent with The Professor, The New Girl and all the kids today. Was a spectacular visit, grilled some food and just enjoyed laughter and relaxation. Refreshing to the mind, body and soul… perfect way to spend part of a sunny Sunday afternoon !

a billion-kazillion… how many facets of love and happiness are inside me right now, how many ways I love our new relationship… us all, enveloped into this particular time and space, growing separately but together at the same time, our lives twisting in and out of contact; a living, breathing entity that is being nourished and is nourishing me at the same time… =) Pure, quiet contentment… a balm that is washing all the doubt, fear and nervousness away and leaving in their place me. Just pure ME. =)

I love this day, I love me, I love those kids and those imperfect adults… I love the sunshine and the cool breezes, I love those 3 lumpy strawberries that are trying their damnedest to grow… I love the keys on this computer that The Professor bought for us, so smoothly they depress and how light the laptop is… I love trashy telly and painted toes and popcorn and friends who read my blog faithfully… I seriously do not think I could muster up any discontent right now if my life depended on it !


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. NotAPunkRocker
    Jul 13, 2014 @ 17:11:23

    Sounds like a great place to be in too! 😀

    Six Feet Under marathon sounds awesome, ❤ Nate!


  2. tishmoon
    Jul 13, 2014 @ 17:19:18

    Yes… Nate… his character living in Seattle, being all granola-crunchy and a tall runner reminds me of my old stomping grounds… sigh. =)

    Am purely happy, Punky, and it just feels so damned good… I wish I could box some of this up and send it your way ! =)


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