and the winner is…

Those of you who have been around for a while have by now read about my adventures in home educating my gifted, happy foxling. The years spent in deep devotion and  immense effort on both our parts have finally come to fruition; the seeds we planted and nurtured so carefully have bloomed into a garden of epic proportions and we are SO THRILLED to be finally sharing our good news !

My daughter has been accepted into Laurel Springs, an online, private high school, for grade 9 starting on October 6th of this year. After careful consideration of our records, comprehensive testing and a LOT of discussion and ISBN’s being exchanged, they have granted my foxling credit for the high school level maths and Latin she has done these past 2 years ! It is no small thing when a homeschooling family gets their high school credit put onto a private school’s transcript, and it is a testament not only of all the hard work and effort she has put in this year, but also of my fierce advocating for her.

She tested high enough to be put into 10th grade, but after careful consideration of her work and college goals, we decided to place her in 9th so she can get the extra years of sciences and maths she needs to be competitive in the pre-med arena. In vocab, she earned a perfect score, testing out of high school; showing once again that Latin is the route to everything good. =) She has only to take 1 semester of Honors Geometry since she completed Honors Algebra and 1 semester of Honors Geometry already. She can take the other semester and do an independent math study on whatever topics she chooses, and has mentioned probability as well as a few other areas in which she would like to spend more time.

This is what her Freshman Year will look like… OCT 2014- JUNE 2015

Honors English and Literature

Honors Geometry, 1 semester

Biology 1 with lab

World Cultures and Geography

French 1

Health, 1 semester

PE, full year with documented workout time at health club and blog

Mythology and Folklore, 1 semester

Freshman Seminar, 1 semester

High School Orientation, 1 semester

**Latin 3**… done completely at home with me

They are very big on placing a student to take full advantage of the classes based on interest as well as college and life goals. She will have separate teachers for every subject, a high school counselor who will be with her for the long haul and a college coach who will ensure all the requirements are filled so she can be as competitive as possible. My foxling got to choose most of her classes this year, and was told that if she maintains A-B level work in the Honors classes, then next year she can choose ALL of her classes ! That is such a great way to motivate a kid like her, who likes to be in control of her own learning. =)

The clubs she is interested in joining are as follows: Book Club, Travel Club, Environmental Club, French Club and Creative Thinking Symposium. She is nothing if not determined to get everything she can out of this first year of high school.

Charging the first 50% today was nerve-wracking to say the least… I have not spent that much money in one place since the downpayment on my last car as a single girl in 1996 ! The contract, the honor code paperwork, the enrollment letter and parent handbook; they were all real, but this today, making it official… it was a whole ‘nother ballgame. Every long day studying, every late night watching science dvd’s… every park day spending time working under the shade trees, every weekend clapping out declensions and conjugations… today made all that work worth it. I have never been as proud of my girl as I am today. She has learned, at 13, that hard work pays off and with enough determination, you can turn a goal into a reality. Way to go, foxling !!!!!! =)

Ok, this post has been nothing but a shameless bragfest, but seriously, a girl has a right when their kid is as awesome as mine is. =) Have a lovely !



4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. NotAPunkRocker
    Jul 11, 2014 @ 20:17:48

    Shamelessly brag away, my friend! You have a foxling to be proud of, and she had worked hard for her goals!


  2. El Guapo
    Jul 11, 2014 @ 22:25:39

    Fantastic! She has a whole new world in front of her.


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