mixed blessings…

Well, nothing like ending your day with the FAFSA letting you know they really think you are poor, seriously poor. As in, “we will give you financial aid” poor. My expected family contribution this fall is zero, zilch, nada… Now I will be the first to admit that living in a “family” perhaps you can call us, that is supporting 2 households and every adult being in college is not the way to amass wealth, but I really had no idea how bad I look on paper. At least I should be able to get the tuition waived, and help with books, netting me a smaller out of pocket cost. Now if I could find a way for them to pay for the horrendous amount of gasoline we plow thru… ! Yet I type this while sitting here with fantastic hair, so don’t think we are reduced to eating ramen just yet. I should will myself to feel guilty about getting a trim and some color, but I just can’t do it. It was my birthday, and I really needed to feel like a pretty girl for a day, you know ?! Luckily, I only fall into this trap every few months or so.

My foxling’s Dr. is being such a complete ass lately…  you know the grief we have been thru getting her acne under control, and we JUST had her looking bright and fresh, when she goes on the pill. It is supposed to regulate her cycles as well as help with the spots, but within a day of the first tablet going into her mouth, she began breaking out BADLY. When I voiced my concerns with aforementioned ass, I was less than politely told that the pill giving you acne is an old wive’s tale and HER daughters did just fine on it, so perhaps the retin-a is making her breakout now. REALLY ?! AT this precise moment, when she has been nothing but improving steadily for months now ?! The hassle of going to the office twice today,a 30 minute drive EACH way, times 4… in almost 90 degrees… needless to say I got home damp and furious. The practice serves a HUGE number of patients, and when we enrolled there, they neglected to tell us that they had relocated into the new office smack in the middle of the campus. I had not thought it would be bad, since sit is close to the new apartment, but they are disorganized and you know the battles I have been fighting with my insurance over the scripts we have been filling… to tell the truth, I would never return, but I know no place is likely to be much better at this point. AT LEAST we get seen quickly and they DO write scripts for us, the same day. There is that.

I met my foxling’s best friends mumma today… what an AWESOME lady !!!! She is fun, full of life and loud as a brass band. =) I instantly loved her, and now realize that every spare moment my girl has will be spent in the company of her buddy. =) They are planning sleepovers, movies and pool trips already. =) It was a little weird, however, because she told me a few things that The Professor had told her about yours truly.  I know that things come up in conversation, but it is weird to realize he is speaking about me in passing, and I do not know if it will be in the best light. I hope he will continue to play nice, because these are going to be my neighbors and hopefully one or two friends for years to come. All those years of meeting people by his side are erased and gone, and now I wonder if I again am going to be the bad cop to that amusement park way he has about him… =)

Remember those strawberry plants I picked up a few months ago ? Fat waste of $20… I have 3 malformed berries… 3! They look like Frankenstein out there, all lumpy and weird. They better taste fantastic… however, the ferns have settled into the weather and their place on the patio and are now GINORMOUS ! =) I love the swirly greens and satiny leaves. They are so beautiful and lush, I can’t get over it. I hope they like the new place, seems to be sunny in the front yard area most of the day.

I am hungry and need to eat dinner now. I have another early and late day tomorrow, and pulled out the french press from the pile downstairs… am going to need that caffeine fix to get thru the day. I am determined that on Thursday, with the exception of driving the foxling to camp and back, I am going to do a short workout and then nothing but relax. My head has been splitting with the insanity of the last few days and I want a chance to breathe and chill the hell out for hours in a row. I hope your night is cooler and things are happy and productive in your neck of the woods… have a lovely !


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