sunday smiles…

My foxling is home after a week with her family in CA… she came back with a head cold, but deeply happy and full of stories and new experiences. We did absolutely nothing yesterday, choosing instead to eat together, read, relax and simply listen to one another. She spent a fair amount of time alone in her room, followed by snuggling with me on the couch, or helping me prepare salads and chicken. It was peaceful, a nice way to become reacquainted with her newly emerging self. She is such a chameleon right now; trading in her baby ways for new opinions, skills and interests… 13 going on 40. =) My favorite thing we have done so far is laying on her bed, listening to tunes, talking about her grandpa and how beautiful that part of CA is. They were in the Central Coast area, one of my fav parts of this wide world. =) Santa Cruz, Monterey, Big Sur… the raw beauty and relatively small populations make this the perfect area in which to find peace and beauty. While it was still too chilly to spend their days swimming, they enjoyed traipsing around the beaches and towns, and I hear it was everything they hoped it would be. =) I am excited to talk to New Girl and hear her opinions. This was the first time she has been out west and I remember how amazed I was, seeing those cliffs and wide expanses of ocean for the first time. =) Hmm… I need to find a better moniker for her.

I got the car washed only a few days ago, and already it is covered with pollen again. I will take it thru the wash again tomorrow with my foxling, she LOVES being inside the car when it is on the tracks. Because our spring began so late this year, we are dealing with some horrendous pollen counts and the projected end date is the middle of July. Seriously ?! We were on the patio for only about 10 minutes yesterday morning when she started sneezing and her eyes puffed up… she looked like a Koala bear, poor foxling ! Looks like our walks will be early morning or late evening for a while. When my mom is here, we are headed down to the Long Island Sound area, and all that beach air will clear out her sinuses. Maybe some ice cream and fried fish will help, too… =)

Taking every small victory where I can find it, I am embracing my measly 3/4 # reduction this week with open arms. I had a long chat this past week with my Dr. and she is very supportive, and thinks I have all the tools I need to continue making progress. She said this slow down is to be expected and it ALWAYS happens when you have a significant amount of weight to lose. I am more than 1/2 way to the smallest end of my desired weight range, and this past month has really not yielded the results I had come to expect. Newly lean muscle tissue is kicking up my metabolism, (YAY !) which is the real goal, but that also means now I need to adjust my calories, workout routines and meal plans. I had JUST gotten used to doing it all this way, I have it down to a science now, and do not need to look up nutrition info, as I know exactly how much I eat every day. I am reading a book that the DR recommended, and while I am not exactly thrilled about creating a whole new formula for myself, I am happy that I have the means and support to finish what I started. I have a picture of the most gorgeous sundress in my notebook, and every time I sit down to study, I think about how the silky fabric will swish on the back of my knees… my smile feels better than eating any manner of treats. =)

Watching completely trashy telly with my foxling… since she is recovering from sick, is wracked by sneezing and stuffiness, jet-lagged and on her moon-time, I called a time out for today and let her sleep until the cold syrup wore off. =) We are now getting ready to watch “Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters”… something she has been begging to see. Yes, it is an R-rated film, and yes, it is about killing witches. But this is a child who is well-versed in The French Revolution and used to tell her dolls they would be beheaded by Madame La Guillotine if they misbehaved. She also, at age 3, referred to Anne Boleyn as “that wretched whore”… so pretend violence doesn’t usually phase her. I have worked for many years to keep questionable movies from her eyes and ears, and now that she is older, she is comfortable in the distinction between reality and movies. I know this is not my finest moment, but the squeals of delight were enough to sway me. =)

The family of groundhogs were exploring today… I was headed our front to sit on the porch when I saw them scamper from the bush beside my door to under my neighbor’s car… they poked their heads out from under the front bumper, and nibbled at the grass growing sparsely thru the cracks in the concrete. When I made those “here kitty” noises at them, they crept closer until they were less than 3 feet from my outstretched hand, coming closer to the steps and sniffing about. I would have crept closer to them, but mumma was there, issuing cautionary grunts to the wayward babies… they eventually toddled away after her, to the far yard and large trees there. I am SO HAPPY that I saw this today… cannot begin to tell you how adorable they are getting ! =) =)

I better go now, grab some cold drinks and turn out the lights. My foxling is gasping with excitement, and I do not know how much longer before she hyperventilates. =) Enjoy your sunny Sunday, no matter what you do… and have a lovely !



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  1. NotAPunkRocker
    Jun 08, 2014 @ 17:19:20

    I used to have to look at why something was rated R. Language and violence? OK, the kid is empathetic despite all the games he plays. Sex and drugs? I had more of a problem with those, but still not enough that he couldn’t watch most R-rated movies by a few years ago.

    That chameleon age is amazing, isn’t it? I am glad she is home, sorry she is sic and happy to hear you had some quality down time 🙂


  2. tishmoon
    Jun 08, 2014 @ 18:17:46

    Hey there, you ! =)

    I know, I have this weird and utterly confusing system of rating movies, sex is a no-no, mild nudity, who cares ? =) Drugs bad, cursing fine. Strong woman lead who acts like a bitch and kills half the supporting cast… WIN ! =) =)

    She began to feel better, and now is swimming with The Professor and the clan, and is sleeping over to hang out with the kids ! =) So much for a quiet day on the couch… ! =) =)


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