the soundtrack of my day…

1. Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve… yep, that is life, a little sweet, and a little sour. Wishful thinking reserved for 5 minutes a day to give credit to my dreams, yet not let them take over my daily life so I miss out on what I can achieve today.





Damn you, Patagonia, for showing me all manner of exciting adventures which I do not have the funds to make happen !!!! Can you see the guy, diving from the bridge… and that canoe… and that sweet, clear water… sigh. If you ever wondered what my dreams look like, now you know…


2. Feel Alive (Airplay Mix) by ATB… yep, sure so ! If no news is good news, then good news must be GREAT news ! =)

So… do you know how sometimes you think you may have to do something that will be adventurous and fun, but a real pain in the ass at the same time ? Any you just wish, not pray or ask for it, but that simple, child-like WISHING for things to miraculously change with no effort on your part ? And do you know how you feel when something falls into your lap, without effort, and it makes you laugh out loud and realize that something, somewhere really does have your back ?! =) Like, thru no fault of your own, every little thing is gonna be alright ? =) I say that to my foxling at least once a week, and seriously, I mean it each and every time. But those days when the universe just laughs at you and yells SURPRISE, well those days are just so damned fine. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that. =)


3. Get Out Of My Life Now by Paul Oakenfield… hell’s yes ! I just this morning realized that I no longer have any responsibility to smooth the ruffled feathers of people I am not related to, those “relatives” on his side that made me feel less than wonderful, completely unimportant and unworthy of their love simply because I am not pretty or smart enough to play at their table. “Fuck em”, she says with a grin, knowing she did her best to be what they wanted for a third of her life. I wish the new girl luck with this bunch.

Got a couple of pretty inflammatory emails from my monster-in-law this morning… she only contacts me when her life is spiraling out of control and wants to be comforted, or when she wants to bitch about how insensitive her children are. This particular email covered both issues, what a delight ! (Insert comic grimace and loud sigh) Steamrolling over whatever feelings I might have on the matter, she proceeded to complain about The Professor’s lack of good parental examples… SERIOUSLY ?! All she has to do is look at my foxling, see her happiness and comfort in her own skin. To watch how she interacts with his girlfriend, playfully and without reservation. To listen to her extensive knowledge on varied topics well beyond the scope of her peers. To see that the three of them simply want to be loved and accepted… My foxling is happy, well-adjusted and full of life, driven to accomplish lofty goals but enjoy life along the way. In short, she is perfectly, joyfully and completely loved without reservation, and knows it. =) This is a testament to not just MY parenting skills, but also his constant involvement and desire to remain an important part of her daily life. We are better parents for our separation, and she has the bonus of getting another woman to share her life with, kind of like a favorite Aunt. Add to the mix 2 younger part-time siblings, and she admits her life is richer for it all. So what is there to complain about, especially to ME ?! Get your nose back in your own business and get over it, already !


4. No Rain by Blind Melon… ok, it was rainy this morning, and chilly enough to warrant jeans, but it popped into my head and I hummed it until the guy sitting next to me in the waiting room actually moved to another set of chairs… Gotta love that bumblebee girl, she has moxie, I’ll give her that. =)


5. Sister Golden Hair by America…

The lifeguard at the pool said my hair is getting lighter, from all the sun and chlorine. Maybe just a weensy bit, but I’ll take the compliment just the same. I wish I had the resources to dye it the caramel blonde that I used to… I love that shade so much… =) Hmm… maybe when we move and rent is much cheaper, I can funnel the $80 every 6 weeks to get it done from my household budget. That does include a cut and style, so… ? Expensive and extravagant, but perhaps worth it ? Thoughts, please.


6. Unbelievable by EMF…

Am completely and irrevocably addicted to the show SCANDAL… the story line, the plot-twists, the characterization, the clothing, the dialog, and of course, Kerry Washington, who is one of the best actress on the planet ! =) I am about as far from gay as they come, but I will admit to having a little girl-crush on her. I cannot believe how fashionable they made her character, and would give an arm and a leg to be able to dress that way. Of course, missing an arm and a leg, I am sure the clothes wouldn’t look the same. =) So… watched all the free episodes that are on Netflix, and cannot believe how the recent season ended !

7. Thank You by Alanis Morissette… I have someone to thank every day of my life, for something great or small. I like that, and I like that I know it.

My sister, my sister-in-law, Mike, Becky… they all were there for me today, offering support, laughter, love and cold beer. =) It is good to have people who care, and to laugh at jokes, circumstances, or other friends’ fashion choices. Have a lovely ! =)


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