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Thursday morning… almost June. It was 47 degrees when I woke up this morning, and the chill remains of the night air swept around my ankles as I walked downstairs to make coffee. After a long math lesson and review, my foxling went upstairs for some much deserved playtime, and I got on the phone to play my part in the daily physician vs insurance company wars. We have managed to get 2 of the 3 scripts filled with no copays, so I think the tide may be turning and I might win the war, at some point. I was talking to another DR at our practice and we think that a possible solution to the struggles would be the institution of a health-care management position at every pharmacy, to handle the prior authorizations and specific codes. While I am grateful to my insurance company for the coverage, the millions of claims that are rejected daily show a breakdown in the system, which is unfortunately a system run for profit. But that is enough on the topic for one day, as I am probably preaching to the choir here. =)

We watched “The Hobbit” part 2 yesterday with The Professor… WORST. MOVIE. EVER. The first one was so light, comical even in parts, and was simply fun. This one… way too dark, zero story line and way too many Orcs. We were so disappointed,all in all it was just a crappy movie. I will admit, however, that the lair full of gold was amazing… CGA at it’s finest. And I really liked how Smaug looked covered in molten gold, big WOW factor there as well.

Got a pair of Sanuk Yoga Slings… they are the most comfy sandals in the world ! The bottoms are made from squishy yoga mats, and the fabric is wrap around and soft. I can see them being a little warm in the summer, but since we are skipping summer this year, I’m all good. =) Seriously, they even came in a bag made from tapioca root for which Indonesian farmers were paid a fare wage ! How awesome is that ??!! Fashionably saving the world, one pair of shoes at a time ! I feel like Superman. =)

My foxling leaves for a week long vacation in CA tomorrow, and is excited beyond belief. =) Our summer schedule has been pretty much thrown out the window at this point, but she still has managed to get a lot of work done. By this time next month, we should be relaxing, swimming daily and doing a bit of work most weekdays. A week off every month ensures we can still enjoy a break while finishing up her maths curriculum before the she begins high school this August. Yes, my not-so-little one in high school. I am old as dirt. =)

So… my darling girl has given me permission to share her plans here. She is going to sign away her life from the age of 17-28 as an indentured servant to the medical machine… that’s right, she wants to be a physician.  While she is going to apply to several highly selective colleges in New England, she is also  pragmatic enough to realize that the competition for pre-med is ridiculous, and is consequently researching admission into dual degree programs, such as the 8 year BS/MD offered by UConn. Those 8 years do not include residency, which for her chosen specialty will be 3 more years of intensive study.  She then wants to work in an underserved area, so she can have several years of her student loan debt erased. Her final goal is to work for MSF somewhere in Africa, in Pediatrics. This is a monstrous commitment, but you should see her eyes light up when she talks about all her plans and dreams ! =)  She has always had a deep desire to be an advocate for those who do not have the voice to be heard, so this makes perfect sense to me. She is a strong, motivated student who loves math and sciences, and also has a propensity for languages. I am so proud of her for finding a career that will allow her to meld all her strengths into a life of her choosing. =)

As a consequence, her high school curriculum is going to be the most strenuous available. We have poured over catalogs for months to create a rigorous course of study that is well above the stare requirements. Our local high school recommends 5 1/2 credits per year, and she is attempting 8 in her Freshman year, half of which are Honors designated. We decided not to do any AP classes this year, but she will probably take 2 SAT Subject Exams. She is too young to do any summer internships or volunteer work this year, but we will be looking for opportunities that interest her next summer. I will post about her actual classes next month when I have all of her materials.

The sun is finally shining, the breeze is soft and the air crisp; my feet begging for a long walk. Water the plants, sweep the porch downstairs, chop some veggies to have with dinner… easy rest of the day. Have a lovely ! =)


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