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A long, productive week… a sunny day filled with conversation, a winding drive and lunch for two girls… tests made, administered and passed with flying colors… salads eaten in a rush before walking in the gloaming… Life, simple, sweet.

I went to Webster Lake last weekend, with a handful of new friends. They were a rowdy bunch; full of laughter, themselves and ample quantities of cold beer. I met a friend of an acquaintance of the best friend of the cousin of a man that I used to love… and yes, it was as weird as it sounds. One of the wives asked me, her MA twang spiced with a buzzy slur “So, why in the hell would you want to homeschool, I’d kill myself if I had to be around my kids all day?!”… Luckily, the sun was shining, the cooler was full and everyone was more interested in maintaining their BAC than having any real conversations about life choices. I was invited on a camping trip, to a hockey game and a 23rd anniversary party, all within half an hour of shaking their hands for the first time. Did I mention they are a friendly group ? Sensory overload does not begin to describe the insanity that followed… you would think people in their late 40’s would be past the drinking incessantly stage. What is it about men with boats and motorcycles and their own businesses, with money to spare ? When I said I was going back to school, I was advised to simply marry someone with more money, and then I can just play. No matter HOW much money a guy has, I am not interested in spending the next 20 years picking up dirty laundry and baking cookies that I do not eat… I am so weird, I know.=)

Seems our brief foray into sunlit days has come to an end for the time being. I have 4 lamps turned on, and still shadows fall across my foxling’s papers. Overcast sky filled with thready clouds ushers in cooler air and random droplets of rain. I am glad we cut our day short yesterday and were able to take advantage of the nice weather. Spring in New England is a fickle thing, and you never know how long the sun is going to shine.

In wrapping up our semester, I have been organizing her completed school work, and filing away a representation of her year. She has accomplished so much, and come so far this year… I laugh to think that we were not going to put her into 9th grade this September… She has earned 4 high school credits and is asking for more structure and responsibility! Her writing has become more polished and she is beginning to be more independent as far as her individual subjects go. I am so proud of her, the commitment and effort are really paying off. =) We had our yearly discussion about a good, local high school, and realized once again that there is no way the school could support her desires or needs. It is not a bad place, excellent test scores and great college acceptance rates, but they cannot serve the needs of every child attending, and my foxling has not worked this hard to simply become a number, a cog in the works. While I am always keeping an open mind, my real goal as her mother, teacher and facilitator is to make sure she has the education she needs, has her interests met, and that she is well-prepared to enter the college of her choice. For the time being, that is best accomplished by continuing her studies at home, with the help of online honors classes, taught by teachers who hold a PhD in their fields. I do not know what the future holds for her, but I know I will never stop advocating for her best interests. =)

Time for science class, and yet another cup of coffee… enjoy your day, be it sunny or drenched with rain. Have a lovely… =)


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  1. NotAPunkRocker
    May 08, 2014 @ 09:53:43

    Wow, busy but fun times right now. 🙂 Thank goodness for caffeine and awesome kids, right? 🙂


  2. tishmoon
    May 08, 2014 @ 13:59:47

    Totally ! =) =)

    As you know, I am back on the coffee wagon, but am seriously thinking about throwing in the towel again, this time for good. Of course, without the bean juice, I will need to actually eat more… ! =)

    Here’s hoping you have sun and happy times, Punky ! =)


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