beach, mountain or forest…

Beginning the day unexpectedly often drives me nuts. Take this morning, as an example. The team of workers were supposed to show up between 9:30-10am to begin replacing the windows and sliding glass doors. The doorbell rang at 7:25… you guessed it ! We thought we would have a few hours in which to complete testing and daily work before the noise began, but no such luck. The team of 3 quickly swelled to 12 people, all in various states of undress, despite the chilly morning air. I am not sure where they learned their carpentry skills… I was taught to measure twice, cut once. They seem to be under the impression that it is better to measure once and cut 5 times, cursing and throwing down 2X4’s with amazing precision, hitting the truck bed every time.  Out back, the radio is blaring salsa music, but on the front porch we have an 80’s hard rock station, competing with the whine of the saws for my full attention. Everyone is happy, though, and we hear shouts of many languages, followed by guffaws of laughter bursting from every corner. =)

Why not just leave for the day, you ask ? Well, their plan is to have all the windows and doors out before lunchtime, then leave for an hour. WITH NO WINDOWS AND DOORS IN MY HOUSE. I don’t mind being out when a maintenance guy is fixing the plumbing, for example… but I am not keen on having the home literally open for whatever decides to roam thru, be it person or animal. Have had enough critters in the roof to make me certain that I do not need any more pests running around. Not to mention that I do not trust the neighbors farther than I can throw them… and with my bad back, Ed, I shouldn’t be throwing anybody… ! (Hey, perfect spot for gratuitous movie quote)

So while she is trying to pass a maths exam, I am paying bills and blogging. I think I will reward her perseverance by curling up in my bed with her later, and watching shows on the laptop. She will think it is hysterical that we are wasting school time on frivolity, but knows we will have to get the remainder of her work done tomorrow instead. Hey, flexibility is the spice of life, right ?

My long school post is so not happening today, so I was searching the archives of daily prompts when this little gem jumped out at me… forgive the spastic post, I hope to be back tomorrow with something more cohesive.


The winner for me is totally, completely and unreservedly… the beach ! The one and only, true and constant love of my life has been the ocean, right from the beginning. I really enjoy hiking and climbing; trees are pretty and cool the area, but the huge expanse of ocean whispers my name, over and over as the tides roll in.

The rocky, shell-filled beaches of Europe. The rugged coastline of the Pacific Northwest, dotted with huge rocks and evergreens. The sweet-smelling, powdery sand of the Keys, and down deeper, all the way to Jamaica. The impossible black of Punalu’u, at sunset contrasting so starkly with the cotton candy pink of the sky…

I have not met a beach I could not appreciate, in one way or another. But we all have our favorites, and one area comes to the forefront of my mind whenever I dream of running barefoot on the sand. Strangely, it is not a beach, per se, but a series of atoll reefs off Ambergris Caye, in Belize. The water is ridiculously clear, and shallow to boot. Swimming with sea turtles and, further out, the odd marlin. Gently allowing a flipper to graze the coral fans, a tentative push causes them to sway but not break under your touch. I spent hours exploring coral cities, twisting caves and all the wildlife that I could dream of. Deeper down, slipping my feet free, I curled my toes into the sand, the way a cat kneads your lap, in utter bliss…

So what is your pleasure, out of the three choices listed above ? Would love to know… =)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. El Guapo
    Apr 24, 2014 @ 10:05:13

    Why not all three? A Mountain with a forest on it sloping down to a beach.


  2. tishmoon
    Apr 24, 2014 @ 10:40:16

    Nah… all those trees would slow the soft breezes… =)


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