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Jumping right in, step 10 is to SET BOUNDARIES. It is up to each of us to define what makes us feel respected and to communicate that to others. This is our responsibility. Be honest, be respectful, but we can absolutely determine what we are willing to receive and and express kindly what is and what is not acceptable to us.

I had the chance to do this last night at just after 11pm… our neighbors teen son was playing his video game at an unreal volume, and I went over to ask if he could adjust the volume just a tad. She was apologetic, he was sullen, and the game immediately was muted… only had to listen to about 30 minutes of arguing after which they were reasonably quiet for the remainder of the night. I also took the bull by the horns and asked our drunk neighbor 2 doors down who was sitting in her car, with the engine running and radio blasting, directly below my foxling’s bedroom window no less, if she would like to turn it down or go inside… she was fighting with her boyfriend and besides, was texting… no luck on that front, but at least I said my piece. It is official, I am putting in my vacancy notice next month. I like culture as much as the next girl, but things are getting a bit too nuts around here for my taste.

As we were making eggs for my girl at 7:30 this morning, we were shocked by a large BOOM and a row of trucks and diggers filing into the parking lot. I began to worry when I looked out the window and saw them tearing up the pavement, around all the parked cars… “good thing I got the extra insurance on the rental” was my first thought. After 2 hours they were done, and sped away to “fix” another area. Boys with their machines…

We finally were able to begin her lessons after the noise and smoke abated. I taught her algebra, went over the practice and now she is working happily in her room on her problem set while I made some much-needed coffee and grabbed the laptop. I am going to log into my group and work on her early transcripts while she finishes up her maths, then we will dive into our regular routine. I have adjusted her writing program for the rest of the term, as she was getting bored and I saw no need to continue with something that she has mastered. She is loving the new projects, as we are switching back and forth between short SAT-type essays and long, formal essays in MLA format. I like that she is getting both types of paper under her belt, and am of the belief that the more practice a child gets, the better they are able to write and express themselves in a coherent way. She is working hard and is happy, so things are great on that front.

It was hard when The Professor moved out, to predict her reactions and behavior. It has been since December now and she is doing better that I hoped for. Sure, she has her days, and is beginning to develop that “2-home” child mentality… you know, where they give the “bad cop” parent a ration of grief. Take a wild guess who that happens to be… She has not tried to pit us against one another, and I have no worries about that because we are really trying to maintain our rules and a united front, you know ? I am happy to report that while we have had our small struggles, her schoolwork has not suffered very much, and she seems to be back up to her normal, high performing level. She was fooling around in math for a few months, and her grade slipped down to a “B+”, which shocked her. However, she has gotten nothing but very high “A’s” lately, and that has done wonders for her attitude. I am sure it boosted her confidence as well, because this is a girl who has never had to work for perfect grades before, and now that she is working so far above grade level, she has to make a real effort at times. Her hard work is paying off, and I was happy to reward her with online classes for this fall that will challenge her to her full potential. Oh, I forgot to do that post… will have to write that one soon. =)

She is very bored with this area, and has exhausted all her resources, so this is another reason I want to relocate us closer to her dad. The area in which he lives is very rural, woodsy and remote. She has a sense of freedom there that she is lacking here, and I am eager to get set up in a smaller and more close-knit community. I have to admit, that is really something I miss about being in the military… I always took it for granted, that being part of a similar group. I also am looking forward to having a smaller house… 1600 sq ft is too large for us two ladies, and is a bear to clean with all 3 levels needing daily attention. The idea of a tiny flat with 2 bedrooms, only one bath and a large back area sounds perfect to me right about now. The living room is of decent size sand the kitchen is spacious with a teensy spot for the table and 2 chairs. Of course, being situated in the woods, I will have to liberally coat her in bug spray on a daily basis all summer, but I guess it is a small price to pay for the ability to race out the back door and play for hours, the way I got to when I was a kid. =) She has friends in the area already, with whom she plays basketball, and rides bikes, and generally just enjoys time with.  I am crossing my fingers that the moving dates even slightly line up, and am willing to put any overlap onto my swollen credit card… it is for emergencies after all, and if my foxling’s happiness does not qualify, I don’t know what would. =)

Time to grab another cuppa and get back to work… have a lovely.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. El Guapo
    Apr 22, 2014 @ 11:47:18

    Sounds like things are good in your part of the world.
    Hope you can check out the new area to know how loud the neighbors are before you move.


  2. tishmoon
    Apr 22, 2014 @ 17:16:21

    I agree, and let’s just put it this way… cannot possibly be any louder, and for a lot less rent ! =)


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