on purpose…


I was grading papers last night and realized that my foxling is listening to me more than she lets on. I have recently telling her to be more purposeful with her writing, with her word choices and her time in general. She is blossoming under the instruction, and while she has the propensity to drive my bat-shit crazy, she is really a good student and for the most part, a joy to be around.

I have taken my own advice lately, as well. Since The Professor moved out, I have had to change my expectations… of my situation, our relationship, my foxling and even of myself. Things might not be where I want them to be, but I am advancing toward my desires, and that pushes me on in times that are not as easy as I would like.

A behavior I have been modeling, as much for myself as my foxling, is to LIVE LIFE ON PURPOSE. To decide what I want, then focus my actions to support this. Behaving with purpose brings intentional results. Let me say that again, INTENTIONAL results… We all have felt that life is out of our control, that we are not where we want to be. But by purposefully deciding which actions to take, we create results that are intentional, not happenstance. What a freeing thought that is ! Of course, most of us are bound by finances, responsibilities, health matters and a hundred other circumstances that make our lives unique… but I believe that we ALL have choices, no matter how small, that we can make to bring us toward our ultimate goals.

Some of the choices I have been mulling over are big ones. I am sure we will move next summer, as I have had about as much as I can handle with the rodent-in-the-roof department. Our town home is huge, pretty, three stories with 2 large patios and a woody backyard. Washer and dryer, 2 parking spaces and free heat all make it even more appealing. However, the continued problems with the roof and the unwillingness to rectify the situation has made the situation more of a headache on a daily basis than I have time for. So… do we stay with this company, move into a smaller place and save a little green, or throw in the towel and move a few streets down into a large and very sunny apartment ? Damned if I know… will keep you posted. =)

I have also been debating the intelligence of my foxling’s school schedule. A wonderful freedom in home education is that you can make the experience fit you, not the other way around. She is exhibiting signs of being bored, and that is common for the end of a school term. I think she may be ready for a more rigorous schedule, with more personal accountability. I am considering setting her 9th grade up so that she has “classes” with me 2 days a week per subject. This will allow me to guide her and be involved, but she will have days when she is solely responsible for the work, as well. Sounds like a good compromise, we shall see. I still have a bit of finagling to do, to ensure that she has enough time to complete all the classes she is attempting. This will be a huge year for her, many changes and new teachers online. She is so excited by it all, and seems not to have much stress. Things are progressing along quite nicely, so I will continue to plug away at the planning and scheduling.

On a very light and happy note, My foxling and I went out this week so I could get my hair cut. I stopped at Old Navy to get her some pajamas that were on sale, and she convinced me to try on some shirts. I actually got myself a few, and am happy to report that I am now in a MEDIUM ! I know how much weight I have lost, but trying on clothing that actually fits was a shocker… I looked good in that dressing room mirror ! =) I still have a trillion pounds to go, but the fact that I am now wearing a MEDIUM makes me laugh out loud ! I had a few weeks of not much working out, due to a nasty head cold and the never-ending migraine, but now I feel better and that gave me the push I needed to work out a bit longer this morning. =) My foxling left with her dad last night, and will not be back until Wednesday morning, so I am taking this opportunity to sleep, workout more and make simple meals for myself. I am going all the way, with a facial, bubble bath and even will paint my toes ! As much as I miss her while she is away, I am grateful for the time to be just ME and do what my heart pleases.

I am off to drink some coffee and read a book in the sunshine out back. I am thinking a cucumber, strawberry and spinach smoothie for snack later on, followed by a nice long drive and a hike. =) Enjoy your weekend, and do something on purpose, just because you can… !



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. El Guapo
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 20:23:42

    Hope you enjoy the downtime!
    Purposefully, of course. 😉


  2. tishmoon
    Apr 12, 2014 @ 20:45:51

    What an awesome day, planted some flowers and scrubbed everything… had a great time ! =) Enjoy your weekend, Guap ! =)


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