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Thanks to Guap, I am thinking of rock climbing in scuba gear… =) You could totally pull off his crazy idea, if you get the release on the chute timed just right. Of course, remembering to hang on to the flippers would be a challenge… sigh. Check out his idea of insanity at guapola.wordpress.com. I miss my crazy-adventurous-hell-raising youth. I am going to have to work some serious overtime to afford all the vacations I have floating around in my head. =)

My foxling is going to take a 5 week series of horseback riding lessons in May. She is thrilled to say the least, as she has always loved horses. For her 6th birthday, we took her to a stable and they let her ride around the corral, walking then cantering. She helped put away her saddle and brushed the old horse, and has been in love with all things equine ever since. The classes are being held in Rhode Island, a bit of a jaunt from our den. The farm is owned by a wonderful couple and these class were designed for homeschooling children, so they are not expensive and are held during the normal school day. What a fun way to spend Thursday mornings for a short time at the end of the school year ! I am very happy that we stumbled upon this opportunity for her to go play with some like-minded kids. =)

We decided to adjust our school days for the rest of this trimester. Talk about biting off more that we could chew… we were managing to do all 7 subjects every day, but now with the added sunlight and promise of warmth, we are getting out of doors more and more. We decided to do the weeks worth of civics in two days, which is not too much to handle. The other 3 days we will do science, so we have more time to focus on the task at hand and not have to push through to merely “get everything done”… it is already working and she likes the added sense of freedom in our afternoons. =) LOVE, LOVE being able to rearrange our days as we see fit.

Eagerly awaiting “The Book Thief”… one of my foxling’s favorite books, now is a movie and we are excited to rent it when it comes… I am thinking of making an afternoon of it, with snacks, juice and lots of time to discuss after we enjoy the movie. Will let you know how it turns out…

The photo prompt for the day is also “on my mind”…


I am having some serious sunshine withdrawals today. Woke up and turned on the iPod, listened to “California Dreaming” and realized that I would kill for a couple of days in sunny San Diego with my mug full of steaming soy latte. I love the Gaslamp District, and Horton Plaza with Nordstrom on one corner, a giant FAO Schwartz on the other and all the crazy stairs. The pirate ships, the Zoo, the hundred or so faboo places to eat and drink yourself silly…I also am missing trips to meditate with monks while shivering in a torn robe, wet from the cold morning fog. I am feeling nostalgic today, and know I can do these simple things again, given a bit of time.


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  1. El Guapo
    Mar 04, 2014 @ 18:20:04

    Sounds like you have a great rest of the term planned, and you’re all set to ease into summer!

    Maybe you can do a few lessons on aerodynamics and momentum so the foxling can manage your scuba climb? 😉


  2. Rob's Surf Report
    Mar 05, 2014 @ 06:30:48

    I dream of vacationing as well, and I was hoping to get to California this summer for surfing; unfortunately, due to the amount of time I will have off work, we’ll only be able to get as far as the Oregon coast before we’ll have to turn around. Suffice it to say, I’ll be surfing near Portland instead! So until I get to Seal Beach, all the leaves will be brown and the clouds grey.

    Your descriptions seem to confirm my certainty that coastal life would be good for me.


  3. tishmoon
    Mar 06, 2014 @ 07:35:37

    Hi guys… yes, she is actually doing a short physics course right now, my how the stars align… ! =) And in my humble opinion, we ALL need to be closer to the water, IN the water ! =) =)


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