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Happy Monday, everyone ! Yes, happy because 1) I take a perverse pleasure in the start of the work week, and 2) I am thrilled by the fact that we are not buried in snow. Hey, take the pleasures where you can find them, right ?!

Ok, let’s see what insanity Steve has planned for us today…

1.  THIS TIME YESTERDAY I WAS… Into The Fire by Thirteen Senses

“… and now I’m alone I’m looking out I’m looking in, way down the lights are dim…from one extreme to another…” Nice, even my iPod is reminding me how much change I am dealing with right now, and just to hold on. Grinning. =)

2.  THIS TIME TOMORROW I WILL BE… Moves like Jagger by Maroon 5

BWAHAHAHA ! Well, I have been know to dance around the house for hours, singing and laughing at the look on my foxling’s face. I don’t know if I can compare to Mick, however. That man is flexible, and crazy to boot ! =)

3.  THIS TIME NEXT YEAR I WILL BE… Clocks by Coldplay

Ok, I hit 3 for 3 this morning ! I am laughing out loud right now because I just KNEW that this last one would be either a Coldplay or Radiohead song ! I swear, yesterday I had it on shuffle and several Radiohead songs came on in a row. I just LOVE Coldplay and Radiohead.  At any rate, yeah, I love this song… “home, home where I wanted to go…” now, if I could just figure out where the hell that might be. =) There is a town about an hour from here that I am pining for, a place we lived twice, and I feel the pull, wanting to be back there so much, close to the sea… it may not be California, but it is the nicest place here I can think of living. I made the decision to stay in CT for at least 7 more years, because I simply cannot turn down free college tuition up to the PhD level. So there you have it, folks. I may be on my path, but I am missing “home” and probably will be next year still. =)

Moving right along to today’s photo theme, which is “your name”… granted, some of us will get very creative with this one, but here is all I could come up with on the spot. =)


Do nicknames count ?! I sure hope so ! =) My nickname since 1996 has been “Nina”, and even though I am “supposed” to be telling my actual name, this is a much more intimate glimpse of myself I am sharing with you. The Professor and his side of the family are the only ones who call me this any more, not counting the odd emails and cards from old friends that crawl out of the woodwork for the holidays. I miss this name on everyone’s lips as they call to me across the room, and on certain lips as they whisper it into the nape of my neck, breathe it across my hips, sigh it sleepily across my shoulders… NINA. This is who I am. Nice to meet you. =)


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. NotAPunkRocker
    Mar 03, 2014 @ 11:51:23

    I like the way you interpreted your name. I still wish I had gone into chemistry LOL.

    Free college up to PhD? Um, yeah. I will deal with winter for a while if I need to for that. Very awesome!


    • tishmoon
      Mar 03, 2014 @ 13:18:51

      I know,right ??!! How can I possibly move if I have that education at my disposal ?! Looks like I will be here until hell freezes over… which may be on Thursday ! =)


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