sunshine… !

Ooh, there is NOTHING better than getting out of bed early, throwing the covers back and getting hit with cold air. Making your way to the window and opening the curtains to… yes, additional inches of snow and ice covering everything you can see. Slugging down water, pulling on sweats and sneakers, popping a dvd into the player and sweating, followed by a delicious full-body stretch. Watching the daylight creep into the room, chasing you across the carpet. All of a sudden, the SUN blazes bright, the sky is blue and you are enveloped in a shiny cocoon of light. It reflects off the snow, creating more layers of brightness, filling even the darkest corners of the room with happiness. There is nothing better than this day, especially after the dreariness and storms of yesterday. Proving once again my theory that if you wait long enough, everything gets better. And isn’t it nice that sometimes, you do not have to wait long at all ? =)

While I am humming to myself and typing, my foxing is busy at her schoolwork. We work together, then independently throughout the day, allowing her time to herself as well as with me teaching. We are both appreciating the togetherness, but breaks as well. I loved her “littlie” days, but am so happy she no longer needs the constant hand-holding of that toddler thru 1st grade stage. It feels like such a treat to be sitting here with her while she works and knowing she has everything she needs to succeed. This year, I am teaching her math class, but we also bought a set of DVD instruction that covers every lesson in the book. She adores Mr. Art and his way of explaining in detail the concepts, which she normally grasps with ease. It is so awesome to have backup, and I no longer feel like I am the only officer rushing an arms deal in a warehouse down by the docks. =)

As soon as she is done with her essay for the day, we are taking a break to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. The sun may be here, but we know it is a fickle lover this time of year, disappearing at the drop of a hat. Neither of us mind working late in the day if there is outdoor time involved. It is hard to believe that in a mere 8 weeks, we will be doing lessons on the patio, some mornings even in short sleeves ! =) The promise of warmth is peeking around the corner, and as the day lengthen and the angle of the sun changes, we feel the possibility acutely and it brings such a rush of joy we cannot stay inside a moment longer !


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