little peek inside my mind…

I am well-read, well-educated, and have an extensive vocabulary. None of these qualities are helping me right now with this post. =) I feel myself straying from the deep, painfully-written tomes that have been appearing on my screen in recent weeks. I feel a lightness in me this morning, and do not care to examine my feelings about my ex, our failing school systems or the politics of nominating a candidate.

I have spent the better part of this past weekend out of doors, enjoying the blazing sun as one only can during unseasonably warm winter days. My hair windswept, my cheeks ruddy with the cold air, I felt as if I found Nirvana. Filling my tummy with salad and chicken, I grabbed my sweater time and again to walk, jog, hike up the big hill, and drive in the sun. Meandering around my neighborhood, I felt for the first time like I might actually belong here… perhaps “belong” is too strong a word, more like I can tolerate it for the time being. =) A lightness swelled in my chest, and the burdens I have been carrying for so long seemed to shrink in the warmth of the long days. Healing feels so damned good, am I right ?!

So, I am still riding the wave of happiness and calm that was my weekend. I do not have it in me to wax poetic this morning folks, if you are looking for meaningful, please check back toward the end of the week. =) Today is all about feelings, opinions and whatever makes me smile. Topping that list is books. I adore reading, getting lost in another time and place, heart racing while I devour whole worlds, feeling the words melt like good chocolate in my mouth… YUM !

If you could talk to any literary character, who would it be ? This question is one my foxing and I talk about frequently. Mind you, the question said “literary character”, not historical figure, so there is a level of lightheartedness and play to it. My list would be long, but the first person on it is always AHAB ! His ravings, his clear decisiveness, his belief and his “jagged-edged iron crown”… sigh. =) Mental, a bit; but brilliant and in command 100 % of the time ! He is power, male, and the sea all at once. He is at times more tumultuous that the raging seas around him ! When I was alone at night; on the boat and far out to sea, swaying with the waves while sitting on a capstan, I would sometimes imagine this brilliant, broken man of my favorite book, and what drove him to the obsession that cost him his life. Yes, Ahab would be first.. How about you ?


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