building a mystery…

What a wonderful day yesterday turned out to be ! My foxling and her dad came by to pick me up and we zoomed off to Whole Foods to do some shopping. It felt great to walk around, choosing coffee, chard and other yummy treats. Such a simple thing, grocery shopping with people you love. It is something I miss every single Saturday when I head out alone.

After we got back to my house, we divvied up the bounty and made a huge salad with chicken and Terra Chips for lunch. My girl wanted some time alone in her room, so I watched a 3-D movie with The Professor. Not much chance for conversation, but the silence was companionable, not strained. He ate some ice cream and then I brewed us both a coffee. They left shortly afterwards, zooming off again in the fading light. As I closed and locked the door, I was awash with happiness. I miss him so much sometimes, I cannot see straight ! But those rare moments we now have are sweet for their infrequency. Our goodbye hugs are long, tight embraces, with me willing him to know how big and important these moments are; deep in the core of my being. We are slowly forging ahead, and days like this one make me believe we CAN do the impossible…

After they left, I decided to take a long walk in the twilight. It was getting chilly, so I bundled into a sweater and gloves, laced up my kicks and headed out in the brisk, evening air. I walked slowly at first, thoughts wandering like my feet on the pavement; without purpose or intent. As the cool air filled my lungs, my breathing paced with my steps, calm washed over me. Being out in natural surroundings of any kind focuses me, calms my whirling mind and soothes my aches from the day. We were not made to be cooped up in boxes all day, and when I can escape into the open air, I become more “me” again. My daughter also feels this, and is happiest whenever she is surrounded by beauty and open spaces.

The longer I walked, the stronger my stride became until I was really pushing my self up the back hill. I felt exhilarated and strong, and walked back home with a smile on my face. Even though my knee was giving me fits all day, I did sleep well last night.

As the sun streams into my living room, again I am happy for the natural light and the trees swaying beyond the back porch. I have a lot to accomplish before I can pick up my foxling tomorrow, so I had better get started with my day. I planned time into my schedule for another long walk after my appointments, and just the thought of my face being bathed in sunlight brings joy welling deep inside of me. My wish for you today ? To take a moment of pure happiness, just for you… =)


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