decisions, decisions…

My foxling has been sick all week, and OF COURSE, I contracted her illness, as well. What a cluster-fluff it has been here in the den ! She is fine now, I am happy to report. I appear to be on the mend as well, but had to slow down my  working out since I seriously cannot take in a full breath. Seriously ?! I am so tired of being sick, and the winter has only just begun. Methinks it is going to be a LONG time until spring…

I have been sitting here in my dining room most of the weekend, surrounded by pens and papers strewn about, empty coffee mug staring me down. I am working on my 5 year plan. Of course, since I am going to be busy teaching The Historian thru high school, it is more like an 8 year plan, but who’s counting ? I finally know what I want to do, and have a pretty good idea of how to get there. Not bad for a few days’ work, hopped up on NyQuil, no less. =)

To make a long story short, I need to obtain a shiny, new Bachelor’s degree. After which, I will apply to the CEIN degree program at UConn. That last part is a no brainer, with the free tuition. “Wait a sec, doesn’t she already have a Bachelors”, you are asking yourself right about now ? Yes, I do. And it, like myself, is obsolete. I was a student in the early 90’s, a time when one could test out of the boring 101’s and skip ahead into technical classes that were degree specific. I was a Medical Technologist back in the day. I worked in Tx, Wa and Ca. I filled meds, started IV’s, filled out nutrition intake forms. I was the original Jill-of-all-trades in the hospital setting, and I just loved it ! Fast forward almost 20 years, and that job and degree no longer exist. I have classes on my transcript like “TPN and the Critical Care Patient” and “Ethical Dilemmas in Clinical Psychology 245″… According to Northeastern University, I may have 138 credits, but only 12 of them are equivalent to anything today. And they wanted to know how in the hell I have graduate-level credits in Epidemiology, and no Physics, which was supposed to be a pre-req. What can I say, I can stay up late cramming, and I test VERY well. Higher education, however, has drastically changed, and in no way is this going to make my life any easier !

So, while I teach my daughter for the next 4 1/2 years, I need to work on getting a BS degree and making sure I have all the pre-req’s done for the program I am ultimately applying for. I found something that is VERY interesting to me, and sounds like I can pull it off. It is a BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology ! Yes, sounds so fracking awesome, am I right ?! But what the hell does that have to do with Nursing school ? Not a damned thing, just sounds like fun. =) It would be a rigorous degree program, and encompasses most of the prerequisite coursework for Nursing, other than a few classes I can pick up during the summers at the local Community Colleges. So I can plug away at this degree, spend 2 years finishing it when my foxling goes off to begin her own Pre-Med insanity, and then take a year to do the CEIN program and work as a Nurse. It might sound like I am wading a bit off the beaten path; but if you know me AT ALL by now, you are aware this is par for the course. Truthfully, the chance to do something wonderful and exciting is just too good to pass up, and I am within the time-frame that The Professor and I discussed. I cannot expect him to support me ’till the end of my days, but 8 more years is not too bad. This is a chance to set up my future, and to allow me enough education and opportunity to assist my daughter when the time comes. Hey, I sound really good on paper; no wonder he is willing to help me take that leap off the cliff…

The more reasonable plan would be to simply work the prerequisites and transfer into the BSN program in the fall of 2018. The time frame would be the same, and it sounds easier, but there are so many things holding me back. The Professor and his friends are doing the BSN program right now, and the insane amount of disorganization and lack of communication is overwhelming. I expected so much more from the program, and that seems to be the consensus among his classmates. There is always a bit of a disconnect where transfer students are concerned, but this is ridiculous. At least with the CEIN program, everyone is in the same situation, and no one has the upper hand.

So, who knows ? I have some decisions to make, and will be working toward my goals while I figure out the best path to take. For now, I want a cup of coffee and to relax for a bit before I go pick up my foxling. This is going to be a good day, I can feel it… =)


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