first day back…

Ah, the first day back to full-time lessons. Getting up early, organizing the shelf that now holds our first 3 subjects. Quiet, yet happy jazz bouncing from the Bose. Breakfast eaten, dishes put away, hair up in ponytail and pens arranges next to my notebook. All ready, wait a minute, I seem to be missing something… Ah yes, my foxling, who is abed with the flu.

Yes, the perfect first day, except that we will be doing no school. Life has a funny way of changing your plans, pulling the rug our from beneath you and reminding you in no uncertain circumstances, that you are in control of nothing. Luckily, all that back-to-school excitement will serve me well today. I will spend my morning feeding her yogurt pops and juice. Washing hot sheets and replacing them with heavenly-cool, fresh ones. Making tidbits with which to tempt her. Monitoring doses of ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Fluffing up pillows and couch cushions, scrolling thru the Netflix menu until her watery eyes light up. In short, being her mum. =) I am great under pressure, and she gets 120% of me when she is sick and hurting, lucky little foxling. And lucky mumma, for being able to stay at home with her, through good times as well as bad. Happy, healthy, carefree days are such a treasure, but I am doubly glad when I can be with her when she needs me. Being a mum is all about the small moments of love and comfort one can give to our children, and I am a fortunate mum indeed to have all the time in the world with which to be in her company.

While I was pulling the recycling bin out front this morning, thru the chilly rain, I thought of the men who come every Monday morning without fail to take away my recycling. They work in rain, ridiculously high winds, snow and blazing sun. They heave the bins and dump the cardboard, racing to get the task accomplished in their allotted time frame. They are not surrounded by beauty, but by the discarded remnants of our days. One could argue they are payed well for what they do, but we all know how far that money and poor-quality health plan go in today’s world. The retention rate is low, and every few months, there is an entire new crew with which to get acquainted. There is always one person who has a ready smile, who will walk the extra steps to place my bin on the front door-mat, saving me the walk down to pick it up. These small kindnesses are repaid with smiles, conversation and baked goods at the holidays. You should see their huge grins when I greet them on a cold December morning with a package of cookies and brownies in my hands. Their reaction is worth every minute spent on the treats; such a simple thing to do and such a small bit of my time.

Today is a day I choose to spend in service and loving-kindness. I have had my time to meditate and relax, to enjoy my yogurt and do a small workout. Now it is time to give to someone else; in this case, my darling daughter. We simply must take care of ourselves first, but the truth is, there is always time to share with someone else. How will you spend your time today ? Will you seek an opportunity to do for someone else, out of love and respect for them ? In shifting the focus away from our own desires and being there for others, we are forging a path that leads somewhere new, perhaps to something wild and exciting. Will you join me today, off the beaten path ?


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