a wicked sense of humor…

I am not one of those people who gets sick often. Sure, I battle the monthly migraine, have allergies and the like, but actual sickness is not part of my normal life, thank all that is holy. Well, it seems the universe has a wicked sense of humor, and is screwing with me, big time… I am SO SICK, like, lay on the couch-crying and coughing up a lung-sick. Not sleeping-sick, don’t want to eat-sick, really can’t do any home education-sick. S.I.C.K… seriously ?!

Between everything we have been dealing with, the approaching holidays and the end of a term, I do not have time to shower, let alone lay around for days on end. We have 2 more lessons to finish in the maths section, just two measly lessons, and a test, after which we will be at the perfect stopping point. I have been trying to get to them for 3 days now, and cannot seem to string together a few hours when I am conscious, upright and not gagging on my own phlegm.  Then there is the almost-laryngitis… sure I can still speak, but at a very quiet level, punctuated by fits of coughing that would make a TB patient blush. Yep, totally conducive to teaching just a few more algebra lessons before break. The sick little girl inside me is yelling “Go to bed, for frack’s sake, who cares where you stop!”, but the educator in me yells back “Yeah, and how great will it be to re-do the first lessons in the series after a few weeks of nothing but too much food and video games?!” Besides, every time I lay down, I gag, so I might as well be up and doing something useful right ?!

The professor picked up his new car yesterday, so we each have one now. That is going to make life infinitely easier on all of us, not driving back and forth to share the one vehicle. It is a great little Subaru, on a lease so there is no commitment and it gets really good mileage. I may look into one when our old gal up and dies. Which, judging by the way this past week has played out, will be at around noon today. Seriously though, lease terms are cheaper and better than they have been in years, so if you need new wheels fast, look into this option.

I am WILLING myself to heal immediately, as the weather for the next 3 days will be a balmy 50 degrees, and I really do not want to miss this last chance to breathe warmish air until spring. My foxling points out that we have our car all the time now, and we can totally go pick up something for dad… preferably today, since we will be spending the day with him tomorrow. No rest for the wicked, right ?!

This post is very disjointed, I realize thru the haze that was once my brain. My posts have been emotionally-centric as of late, and it has been very cathartic to be able to pour out my feelings here. I want to thank all of you who privately msg me, the support and laughter mean the world to me. =) I will see you tomorrow, same time, same place…



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