sad story…

I was bored out of my mind last night… The kitchen was spotless, the living room vacuumed, the tree watered, all laundry done and put away and a show watched. My foxling and I had showered, slathered a new lotion all over our tootsies and wrapped them in cozy, plush sox. All schoolwork was graded and filed, and my closet cleaned out… and it was only 7:16 pm.

I decided to put my feet up for a while on the couch and read in front of the tree, lights twinkling happily in the background. I poked around on Amazon, looking for a free chapter of a book; I like to try before I commit. =) Something caught my eye, “The Kennedy Baby”, written by Steven Levingston. The story revolves around the tragedy of baby Patrick, who was born in August, 1963, and died a day and a half later.

I have always been fan of the Kennedy family; after all, I was born and raised in Massachusetts and a mad love affair with  the gorgeous, young family was practically a prerequisite to entering high school. I sent the sample chapter to my iPad and settled down for a light read. I was surprised to discover a more in-depth look at their personal hell of having a premature infant in that time with such limited medical resources. The book goes on to detail how The President discovered a renewed passion for his family and marriage, and that changes were afoot when he was killed only a few months later. I have read so much about their relationship, the politics and scandals, I really thought there were no more rocks for me to overturn in their life story. I am pleased to be wrong, and will buy myself the e-book for christmas.  Sometimes, a sad but uplifting tale is just what a girl needs to entertain herself.

Interestingly enough, their tragedy sparked research into the respiratory illness Patrick succumbed to, and also funding for treatment options for all premature infants. Some historians believe that the field of Neonatology was directly created after research and funding were made possible due to this child’s death. It is amazing, the things we take for granted now, our amazing technologies that save thousands of infants daily… when 50 short years ago, these babies had not a chance. I do not believe childbirth is a disease, and hate medical intervention for something so natural. But in those rare circumstances when death is a very real possibility, I am thankful many women today have access to life-saving technologies for their wee ones.

This morning after getting dressed and brushed, I went downstairs to turn on the lights and turn up the heat. I went to weigh myself for the week, and am down another pound ! =) I cannot weigh myself every day, or it turns into obsessively checking every few hours… so I refrain from climbing onto the wretched thing more than twice a week. Even that is too often, but the slow and steady loss is motivating me, and keeps my hands out of the potato chip bag at night. =) I still have SO FAR to go, but the slow reduction makes me feel as if I am final getting a grip on my hunger and hormones. I have learned to eat twice the amount of salad in the days prior to my moon time, and to have steak or other beef one or two days a month. If I start my mornings with full fat yogurt and 24 ounces of water, I do not need to eat more until late in the 10 o’clock hour. I stay away from most grains, eating small amounts of rice or potato but barely any wheat or barley. I feel so much better, my sleep has been productive most nights, and I have only had one or two headaches, which for me is amazing. It’s funny how much you can learn about your body if you just listen.

I am off to prep for the days lessons… the lit analysis is coming along swimmingly! The course encompasses a LOT of writing and discussion, so it takes a good deal of time, but my foxling is really enjoying it. She was wanting to keep at our regular class, but with the holidays and winter colds, I like to use a smaller unit this time of year. She is so cute, loves what we normally do, but now that the new item is being utilized, she exclaimed that it is “just totally fun and really interesting, mumma!”  The weather has been mild, so we are starting our day with a long walk; need to get all the fresh air while we can. I foresee another happy and productive day here in the den… have a lovely day yourselves ! =)


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