Hmmm… want to know what is even more fun than being forced to end the fallacy formerly known as your marriage in the middle of the sucktastic holiday season ? Having friends, acquaintances or family members tell you they saw it coming, they could tell, they just KNEW it…

Mark, that was for you… my 30 second Bitch party, and I am happy to report it was followed last night by 30 second dance party with my foxling. I may get angry, but I do not stay that way for long ! And I burned a few calories to boot, acting like an idiot with my daughter, laughing her fool head off at my antics. =)

Yesterday was a beautiful day, against all odds. The Professor and The Historian spent a large portion of the day in the kitchen, cooking up a storm, and enjoying one anthers undivided attention. She told me it was the best Thanksgiving she can remember ! We ate gorgeous food, were respectful to one another, and I did not feel the presence of anyone else as his phone was not vibrating with texts every 1.4 seconds.  We watched a movie, listened to good music, ate heartily, talked and it felt so good, so NORMAL… We are strong, committed and very intelligent, I think we can actually pull this off. This new relationship, whatever it is. Labels aside, it is my life, our life, and it will be as colorful and rich as I can make it. The real victory came at bedtime, when my foxling told me this was the best start to the holiday season, and she was excited, not dreading the coming time off. =) We gave her carte blanche to decide our plans, and we will be walking on the campus today in the sun, and picking up a christmas tree tomorrow. Perfect end to a few calm days spent together.

As I plan The Historians next semester, happily filling in the open spaces with advanced science and more literary analysis, I am reminded of the things that are so important to me. As she moves into her high school years, her education is my top priority and my work is deeply fulfilling to me. She is happily growing by leaps and bounds, and I cannot tell you how wonderful The Professor has been about the resources we need. He has ALWAYS put her educational needs first, and when I come to him with a price list, he smiles and tells me to purchase whatever she needs. The support I get from him, coupled with his belief that I am doing an amazing job, is heady stuff, and gets me thru the occasional bad days.

I know not every child has it so good. In Washington, DC, for instance, the schools are so crowded that over 2,000 portable buildings are in use simply to have room to put the children. These portable buildings, meant for very short term solutions, are trailers. Some parents and administrators feel that students are isolated in them, and there are conflicting opinions about the situation. Some fourth graders, for instance, when needing to use the bathroom, have to bundle up in coats be out of the classroom for 10-15 minutes, wandering between the structures on campus to get back to the main building. Fairfax County alone has over 1,100 trailers, meant to ease crowding for a year or two, and district officials believe they will be in use for a much longer stretch of time. On the Rockville campus of the Lucy V. Barnsley Elementary school, every fourth grader spends most of their days in said trailers. Strained budgets are responsible for placing these boxes near ball fields, and parking lots. Couple these “learning shacks” with fewer textbooks, photocopied drill pages instead of an actual curriculum, and less resources, and you can see that our children are being shortchanged.

My life is not without its struggles, but there has never been day in my foxling’s life when I needed some school item and could not get it. We have had the time, resources, and a safe and comfortable environment in which she can thrive. I have been her main teacher, dedicated to her best possible outcome, putting her needs well before any monetary issue. I love what I do, what we do, and am well aware how fortunate we really are. My child is being given the chance to succeed. By simple accident of birth, she can have everything she needs, as well as a good portion of what she wants. She will be competing for a spot in several very selective college programs, and I have no doubt that she will be well prepared when the time comes. Knowing that over half of our nation’s high school graduates are not even ready for a community college shows me that we need to level the playing field a bit.


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