T.G.I.Friday… =)

Here I am once again, happily ensconced on the couch with a blanket… a hot cup of coffee to my right, pile of literature and guides to my left, listening to Jan and Dean on iTunes. Our school session for the week has ended with the completion of every goal, tests taken, and grades entered. My foxling is in the shower, song tidbits flow down the stairs and make me smile.

She has started her formal voice lessons, and I have never seen her happier. She is young yet, but has real volume and is beginning to sing with her diaphragm rather than just her lungs. Her instructor says she is a joy to teach, and she actually practices, which apparently is rare. =) I am glad she is having fun and learning at the same time. Her keyboard will be delivered on Monday, in time for next Wednesday’s lesson. She asked me to buy her sheet music to her fav song by P!NK… sigh. =)

The Professor will be at school until around 8 tonight, so we have the evening to ourselves. We are working on our geography puzzle, and have plans to also watch an episode of ONCE, and play a short board game. I like the flexibility of the end of the week, staying up a few minutes late, and not having anything that we MUST accomplish on the morrow. The Professor has plans to take my foxling out for an adventure tomorrow, so there is the added air of excitement in her demeanor this day.

I am strolling down memory lane this afternoon, and find myself smiling contentedly. My dad used to listen to this album when I was a wee one, and the nostalgia is as warm as my blanket covering me. Last night, my brother got a packet of photos from our mother, and he generously shared via computer. How cute he looked in his baseball uniform ! I am 6 years older than he, and by the time I was in my teens, the gulf between us was wide as the Nile. I loved him, but he was not in my direct line of sight, so to speak. We were not the closest of families, but I am glad to report that there have been many attempts to rectify that situation in recent years.

The photos showed him on the porch of my fav house we lived in. One on my grandparents porch the first day of school, he must have been in 1st grade, perhaps. There is one of him and our younger cousin whom I have not seen in 20 years. There are even a few of him visiting us when we lived in CA 10 years ago ! The Historian is seen to be eating his birthday cake in one shot, she was 2 1/2… too adorable ! I am now eagerly awaiting my own box of photos… I hope they come soon. Enough wool-gathering for one day, must go nuke the tepid java… have a lovely !


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